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Benefits for Your Business

Climate Smart helps businesses and non-profits learn how to measure and reduce their carbon footprints. Our unique training program incorporates classroom learning, web-based software, and one-on-one support. Rather than hiring a consultant, you can get the tools and knowledge to tackle greenhouse gas management in-house. Once we’ve reviewed your work to make sure it’s perfect, you get the Climate Smart seal, which lends credibility to your hard work.

Different businesses see different benefits from participating in Climate Smart. Cost savings from greater efficiency are common, and there are significant marketing benefits from taking leadership on sustainability.


  • Save money through increased efficiency. When you look at your business through a new lens, you’ll find efficiencies you didn’t see before. Many Climate Smart alumni have found simple ways to curb energy use and save money.
  • Build your brand and gain a competitive advantage. Stand out from others in your industry by taking leadership on climate change. For many Climate Smart alumni, earning the Climate Smart seal has increased market share and enhanced consumer recognition.
  • Build your corporate social responsibility program. Tackling greenhouse gas management is a key part of your CSR or corporate sustainability program. The Climate Smart program provides a lens to help measure the effectiveness of your existing corporate sustainability initiatives and forecast the impact of your future efforts.
  • Future-proof your business. Fuel prices are steadily rising, and some jurisdictions—including BC—already have a carbon tax. GHG management directly addresses your fuel consumption, so adopting it as a regular business practice will help you minimize the impact of these increased fuel costs.
  • Get ahead of customer and stakeholder demands. Customers and investors are increasingly demanding carbon management and reporting. Procurement criteria are also putting more weight on sustainability—especially those from public sector and large retail buyers. By launching your carbon management program, you can get ahead of these trends now.
  • Learn from our experts and your peers. Our small-group learning format provides a unique opportunity to learn. Our expert trainers and like-minded business leaders who take the Climate Smart Program with you will all contribute to your learning and experience. We also host learning events where you can gather with other Climate Smart businesses to share challenges, ideas, and best practices.
  • Build your business network. Join a growing network of over 300 Climate Smart businesses. Many of our alumni even uncovered B2B opportunities right in the classroom during their training!
  • Attract and retain the best people. A Business Week survey of top executives found that companies with strong sustainability programs have happier, more satisfied employees who stick around longer. Climate Smart offers a unique professional development opportunity—a fantastic way to engage all employees.