When you cut carbon, you cut costs.
Climate Smart makes business sense.

Data and training for businesses looking to profitably reduce their carbon footprint.

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Our Data

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Our numbers tell a story.
And it’s a compelling one.

Ultimately, businesses that invest in reducing their carbon footprint save money—often a lot of it. Which means the environment wins and businesses win. We really like win-wins.

Our Services

Training & Certification

Climate Smart is for businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into sustainability or you’re wanting to take your climate commitment to the next level, Climate Smart training & certification is for all businesses.

  • Understand your current climate impact
  • Improve your environmental metrics
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and cut costs
  • Stay competitive and keep innovating

Over time, you’ll see some pretty impressive kickbacks on your bottom line. And the next generation will thank you, too.

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Join more than a thousand sustainable businesses in North America that are already Climate Smart.

Training is available online and in-person.

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Mills Office Productivity
Climate Smart lives up to the letter of its name: it offers tools for intelligently reducing GHG intensity in ways that actually improve the bottom line.
Tom Corner Managing Director, Imperial Sign Corporation

Business Energy & Emissions Profile (BEEP)

BEEP is our MIT Climate Co Lab Grand Prize-winning data visualization tool. Cities across North America use it to engage local businesses in carbon reduction.

  • Get novel data and rapid insights
  • Leverage interactive carbon mapping and case studies
  • Target and gain momentum on programs for business

The end result: greener and more resilient local economies.

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Natural Factors

Invest in a Business Energy & Emissions Profile and accelerate climate action in your community.

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Mills Office Productivity
Climate Smart continues to be one of my best partners in developing data-driven storytelling; they understand our local economy, and they help me innovate to engage with stakeholders inside and outside of City Hall.
Allison Ashcroft Former Climate Action Program Manager, City of Victoria

Host Partnerships

We collaborate with local governments, leading financial institutions, ports, airports, and other agencies to inspire businesses to get Climate Smart. Our practical and solutions-based training can help your business community prepare for and participate in the low carbon economy.

See who we’re working with now and how we can help your organization meet its sustainability goals.

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If you have other ideas to make your business more sustainable, contact us to discuss a custom collaboration.

Case Studies

Neptune Terminals Might-E Truck
Training & Certification

Neptune Terminals continues to drive leadership with on-site emission reduction initiatives

Transportation-based business are typically emissions-heavy. It’s expected—but it isn’t necessary. Neptune’s leadership saw an opportunity way back in 2011 to question how things are usually done—the “expected” way—and see if they could go beyond compliance, and be an example for other transportation-based businesses moving forward.

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