Transform your business into a climate leader.

Climate Smart certification is a three-step process. And it’s rigorous (but fun, we swear!). We guide you through three very important stages to help you cut carbon and cut costs.

  1. Measure
  2. Reduce
  3. Leverage

Session 1: How to measure your current impact

Calculating emissions

Because metrics matter.

  • GHG 101—you’ll learn the basics about greenhouse gas emissions
  • Calculate a baseline—What is your carbon footprint right now?
  • Map your emissions—Where are they coming from?
  • Learn how to collect and analyse data
  • Input your findings into our emissions calculation software
  • Practice the Greenhouse Gas Protocol—the international standard for carbon accounting

Session 2/3: Make an emissions reduction plan

Cutting carbon is your ticket to cutting costs.

  • Identify your best opportunities to reduce emissions and costs (We’ll help you with ideas!)
  • Build your own emissions reduction strategy
  • Forecast perceived benefits
  • Make an action plan to make change happen
Team finding more cost savings

Session 4: Communicate and celebrate

Team celebrating cost savings and emisssions reductions

Sing it from the rooftops.

  • Inspire your team to actively participate in your emissions reduction plan
  • Learn how to become carbon neutral (if that’s one of your goals)
  • Leverage your Climate Smart Certification in your internal and external marketing efforts
  • Become a climate leader in your industry

The Tool

Calculating your carbon progress is easy—and spot on

All training program participants use a little something we call “The Tool”. (It’s way more innovative than its name. Promise.) It’s a top-rated web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) carbon calculator we’ve developed that does all the backend work—like updating emission factors and calculating costs, too. Just input your organization’s data and get the most up-to-date carbon management information in real-time.

Screenshot of "The Tool" showing year-over-year emissions by type

How to become a Climate Smart Certified Business

  • 1

    Complete Climate Smart training

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  • 2

    Complete a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory

    Your Climate Smart Advisor will show you how.

  • 3

    Create a GHG emissions reduction plan

    We share ideas from actual business cases; you decide the actions you’ll take.

See all the nitty-gritty details
Team at whiteboard

Keep going.
Renew your Climate Smart certification annually.

Once you’ve completed the Climate Smart training program and are officially Climate Smart certified, you can renew annually to stay on top of your plan and keep moving your business forward on climate.

Renewals include:

  • Support for your next GHG inventory
  • Measurement of the impact of last year’s reduction projects
  • Updates to your emission reduction plan
  • Training opportunities for staff
  • Updated Climate Smart seal

The Client Advisor Team

Meet our Climate Smart Advisors

Every Climate Smart training participant gets to meet and work closely with one of our friendly and incredibly knowledgeable Climate Smart Advisors. Call them on the phone. Shoot them an email. Pick their brains. They are here to support you from start to finish! They’ll coach you through data collection, building your emissions reduction plan, cost savings projections, and financial incentive applications.

Their end goal is the same as yours: Get you and your business Climate Smart Certified!

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    Taspia Raka

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    Elly Pattison

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