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How It Works

The Climate Smart training and certification program for businesses is built around a three-step process: measure, reduce, and leverage.


We take complex, global standards and make it simple for you to assess your impact.

In the first training session, you’ll learn precisely how to calculate your carbon footprint, or greenhouse gas inventory. We’ll share methods outlined in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the international standard for carbon accounting developed by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. You’ll map your business operations to identify where your emissions occur and learn how to collect data from those business activities and use our software to do the calculations.


We help you plan emissions reductions and forecast the benefits.

In the second training session, you’ll identify your best opportunities to reduce your emissions and your costs. From simply turning off lights to upgrading boilers and encouraging alternative commuting, we’ll provide you with ideas, helping you figure out which ones will work best to cut your emissions and save you money. You’ll also learn about engaging others in your company in emission reduction efforts.


We help you communicate your successes and understand how offsets work.

In the third training session, you’ll continue to learn how to build buy-in for your reduction initiatives among your staff. We’ll also share an overview of carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates—so if you want to purchase these and perhaps go carbon neutral, you’ll have the information you’ll need to do so. (There is no requirement to purchase offsets or RECs, however; nor do we sell them! You’ll simply leave the session as an informed consumer.) Finally you’ll gather tips and ideas on how to talk about your accomplishments authentically in your marketing materials, and how Climate Smart can help you communicate about the leadership your business is taking.

Carbon Calculator

Throughout the training program, you’ll have access to our top-rated web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) carbon calculator. You’ll have the most up-to-date carbon management software at your fingertips, with nothing to download.

client advisors

Our friendly experts on the Client Advisor team will provide you with one-on-one support and coaching via phone and email throughout the process. We help you collect your data, build an emissions reduction plan, project cost savings, find financial incentives and get you Climate Smart certified.


You can update your annual certification as Climate Smart by renewing your membership, doing your next GHG inventory (which will measure the impact of your reduction projects!), and updating your emission reduction plan. Please contact us to renew your membership with Climate Smart.