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Climate Smart Certification

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By completing our program, your business will be ‘Climate Smart certified’ and identified as a leading organization that is tracking and taking action to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. You will join hundreds of Climate Smart certified businesses in our growing network.

To become Climate Smart certified, a business/organization is required to:

  1. Complete the Climate Smart training program, either in a cohort or individually.*
  2. Complete a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, according to the GHG Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, and have it reviewed and approved by a Climate Smart client advisor.
  3. Create a GHG emissions reduction plan that includes actions to address the most significant sources of emissions measured in its GHG inventory. The emissions reduction plan must be approved by a senior decision-maker in the organization.**

* Completing the training program is only required in a company’s first year of membership with Climate Smart. However, many businesses choose to send additional staff through training in subsequent years.

** For companies that have been working with Climate Smart and reducing GHG emissions for multiple years, it may be difficult to find new actions they can take to reduce their most significant sources of emissions; in this case, they will need to have taken action in prior years.

Once you have completed your certification, you will receive your Climate Smart seal!

Updating Your Climate Smart Certification
You can update your annual certification as Climate Smart by renewing your membership, doing your next GHG inventory (which will measure the impact of your reduction projects!), and updating your emissions reduction plan. Please contact us to renew your membership with Climate Smart.

The Climate Smart Seal
For every year that a business or organization completes its Climate Smart certification , it receives a Climate Smart seal dated for that year. The seal comes in electronic files, suitable for use online or in print. Window decals are also available.

Climate Smart certified businesses use our seal on their marketing materials, fleet vehicles, offices and products to demonstrate to clients and customers that they are environmentally aware and actively working to reduce their impact.

Climate Smart Businesses Inc. will provide our services to all companies committed to measuring and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. We reserve the right not to certify companies that have not in good faith made efforts to reduce their emissions, and whose plans and actions fail to address the most significant sources of emissions in its GHG inventory.

We do not convey Climate Smart certification to companies whose process or products results in a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions, for example, businesses solely focused on the extraction, processing, and distribution of fossil fuels. Companies may not use Climate Smart’s name, seal or logo publicly without our permission.

Multi-year (undated) seal                                         Annual (dated) seal
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A multi-year seal is available to businesses and organizations that commit to measuring and reducing their GHG emissions with Climate Smart for multiple years. The undated seal is a great way to keep your materials current without having to update them every year. A “Climate Smart Certified” business uses the seal to demonstrate it is taking long-term and continuous action on climate change.

More and more, consumers (be they governments, other businesses, or the public) are aware of environmental issues and are placing greater scrutiny on the products and services they buy.

Hundreds of businesses and organizations have worked with Climate Smart. The Climate Smart seal provides customers with a rigorous, transparent and trusted benchmark for making informed purchasing decisions.