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Case study

GHG Impact:

  • 11% overall reduction in emissions
  • 44% reduction in staff commuting emissions


  • Engaging and educating landlord
  • Changing internal policies
  • Engaging clients


  • Work-from-home policy
  • Staff fitness incentive
  • Organics and paper recycling for entire building Inc. is Canada’s original domain registrar and a one-stop convenience for the online needs of individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations and corporations. Canadian-owned and operated since 2000,’s services include domain names, corporate domain management, hosting, business email and more. differentiates itself from competition by providing exceptional, high-touch, bilingual customer support, acting as an “ally on the web” to all its customers.

In 2016, began working with Climate Smart to measure, understand, and reduce its carbon footprint. As a small, office-based business, quickly realized its biggest sources of emissions were business travel, staff commuting, garbage and paper. Not to be daunted by a challenge, the team got to work tackling all emissions areas.

Paper Use is diligent in reducing paper use in the office. Clients are given every opportunity to opt out of receiving paper mail-outs, and return-to-sender mail addresses are removed from circulation immediately. In 2017, switched to 100% Sugar Sheet paper, which is roughly equivalent to 100% recycled in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and has the added benefit of being made out of a waste product. also reuses single-sided paper for printing to ensure there is very little waste.

Staff Commuting
Staff commuting is a major source of emissions for – in 2016, it accounted for 56% of all emissions. provides a fitness benefit to staff that can be used as each staff member wishes – for anything from a tennis racket to a bike. Shower and bike facilities are also available to staff, and regularly participates in commuter challenges. In 2017, also implemented a work-from-home policy, allowing all staff to work one day a week from home. Altogether, these strategies have led to an impressive 44% reduction in emissions associated with staff commuting.

Tenant-Landlord Relations
As a tenant in a large building, doesn’t have direct control over its occupied office space. Nonetheless, has kept its landlord informed about its environmental programs and has helped to influence building decisions that have resulted in GHG reductions for the whole building. has worked with the landlord to implement better recycling and organics collection. For, this has led to a 33% reduction in emissions from garbage.

To date, has reduced its footprint by an impressive 11% since its baseline year and continues to look for new ways to reduce. Judith Tracey, the team member responsible for the Climate Smart inventory says: “Being a Climate Smart business means that we question every decision we make in that light: is this the most sustainable option? It completely reframes your thinking when you can see the measurable results of your decisions and know that you can influence them through the choices you make as a business.”

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