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Case study

Smart Dolphins

Emission Reduction

  • 51% over two years

Key Initiative

  • electric vehicles

Smart Dolphins is a provider of award-winning computer support and networking for businesses in the Greater Victoria area and elsewhere on Vancouver Island. In 2012, Smart Dolphins joined the ranks of over 70 Victoria-based Climate Smart businesses and organizations and become the first Climate Smart certified IT services provider.

Ryan Kingsbury, a project manager at Smart Dolphins, spearheaded the initiative. Being an environmental advocate both at work and in the community, Ryan has always encouraged sustainability at the workplace. After completing the emissions inventory with Climate Smart, Ryan was surprised to see what a large portion transportation contributed to Smart Dolphins’ footprint. He delivered a presentation to share the findings with the team and built the case for getting an electric company vehicle.

Initially, the company purchased one electric smart car to simply “do the right thing”. However, they quickly saw the benefits and were able to expand their fleet. They immediately experienced savings in reimbursed mileage and gas expenses. Employees started to commute in the new EV, lowering their costs of getting to work. Also, they found that the EV charging stations and parking spots were conveniently located, giving employees access to VIP parking and saving time.

Fast-forward three years, Smart Dolphins now has a fleet of three smart cars: one gas-powered and two fully electric. The company has experienced many marketing bonuses from their new fleet: the cars are showcased in the EV parade at a Victoria Royals game, and they had local radio announcers mention their “fins” on the air. They even used the smart cars as part of a trade show booth. And, of course, their finned EVs are on the road everyday so the marketing impact is ongoing.

“Once we knew the source of pollution within our business, we were able to make a relatively simple change that immediately reduced our emissions. We have always seen ourselves as leaders in the Vancouver Island business community and we have now come to understand environmental sustainability as part of our success”, says Meghan McEachern, the Marketing Manager at Smart Dolphins.

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