Case Study

Reid’s Automotive adopts ‘zero-waste’ mindset across their business

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The Big Picture

Climate Smart Service
Climate Smart Certification, 2014 — 2020
Retail (Cars, Electronics, Food, Gasoline, Clothing)
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Actions Implemented
  • Adopted a ‘zero-waste’ mindset across all aspects of the business
  • Set up systems to recover and reuse auto parts
  • Set up package free shipping and delivery to auto repairs shops
  • Optimized routes with combined shipments to save on fuel 

Impacts Achieved


diversion of automotive parts away from landfill 


zero-waste shipping

*Since 2014
We know that automotive recyclers aren’t necessarily perceived as protectors of the environment, but the very nature of our business—recovering and supplying used auto parts—has significant environmental benefits. Working with Climate Smart to extend this commitment to our operations was not only a logical next step for us, it resonated strongly with all of us who work here. Our expenses are lower and our staff are more engaged and work more collaboratively. This has assisted a growth in our revenue, increased our efficiency, and helps us deliver a higher level of service to our customers. It’s really been win, win, win.
Teresa Reid Co-Founder