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Case study

Purdys Chocolatier

Emissions from Waste

  • 2010 Waste: 302 T CO2e
  • 2013 Waste: 114 T CO2e

GHG Reduction Highlights

  • Waste diversion (sorting & recycling)

Future benefits

  • Electricity & natural gas-saving initiatives, resulting in future cost savings and reduction of CO2e emissions

Purdys Chocolatier, the iconic Canadian chocolate-maker, was able to reduce their largest single source of emissions, solid waste, by nearly half in just one year through their work with Climate Smart. By the end of 2013, Purdys had reduced emissions from this source by 62.3% compared to their 2010 baseline measurement year. This waste diversion effort cut Purdys’ emissions in this area by 112.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide, from 2010 to 2013.

Purdys is also rigorously evaluating their emissions from areas such as electricity, transport and natural gas.

In terms of waste, however, Jim Pritchard, Director of Chocolate Operations at Purdys, had encouraging words to say about the straightforward nature of their initiatives.

“There really [wasn’t] much to it. I had asked [an employee] to try to find a company that would take items we were sending to landfill. He found one company that would take everything and we just had to separate it and store for them to pick up.” The absolute number of waste and recycling-hauling trips made to the Purdys facility have also been decreased.

Not only has Purdys addressed their waste diversion and sorting, however, initiatives such as the installation of energy-efficient hand dryers has reduced the production of wastepaper at their facilities. In addition, by discouraging the use of disposable plastic bags at the retail end of their operations, Purdys has managed to reduce this waste stream by 10%.

Duncan Johnston, Chief Financial Officer at Purdys, and a participant in the Climate Smart program, was also able to provide some insight into the implementation of these waste reductions strategies, estimating that it required “30% education, 60% follow up and 10% inspiration.

Purdys continues to work towards reducing their emissions further by improving the recycling program at the factory, implementing a lower emission delivery program, performing a natural gas audit at the factory, and investigating alternative packaging. Through this process, Purdys has retrofitted lighting, windows, heating systems and roofing materials in various areas of the Purdys business. Says Johnston, “new opportunities are always coming up”, and Purdys is projecting a wide array of efficiency gains that have potential to reflect an even lighter organizational footprint in future years.

Paramount in the process has been the education of employees on electricity, paper and waste reduction strategies using staff, department manager and supervisor meetings in tandem with newsletters. Though it may seem impossible, it is initiatives like these that make Purdys Chocolatier chocolates that much more enjoyable.

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