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Case study

Host Partner: City of Portland

The City of Portland, on behalf of its Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Bureau of Transportation, BEST Business Center, and SmartTrips Portland worked with Climate Smart to deliver a training program on greenhouse gas (GHG) management to Portland businesses in the spring of 2009.

The City of Portland selected Climate Smart to deliver a series of workshops on carbon footprinting based on their extensive experience engaging Canadian businesses on the topic. We were drawn to their hands-on, peer-to-peer method of teaching businesses to conduct carbon inventories, make carbon reductions and explore the difficult subject of carbon offsets. Climate Smart workshops are an important tool for Portland’s businesses in their efforts to help the broader community meet aggressive carbon reduction goals. We look forward to tracking the emission reductions of the businesses that took part in this series.

Marlowe Kulley
Sustainability Advisor
City of Portland, OR

We believe that the success of the first Portland workgroup demonstrates that Climate Smart training can be a significant part of any local government’s suite of community inventory reduction strategies. In fact, if Multnomah County engaged just 250 companies (1% of county businesses) to manage their emissions and track the county reduction target of 40% by 2030, those companies could together achieve roughly 9% of the community-wide target through their participation in Climate Smart. (This assumes that future workgroup compositions would be consistent with the first Portland workgroup in terms of average inventory size, etc.)

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