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Case study

Glotman Simpson

Total Reductions

  • 7.8 tonnes CO2e

Total $ Saved

  • $1,200


  • reducing paper and revamping recycling program

Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers, a Vancouver-based engineering firm with a staff of 75, has been providing innovative structural engineering solutions and unparalleled client service for over 50 years. The Glotman Simpson team is part of the creative engineering behind some of the most iconic structures in Vancouver, such as the Vancouver Convention Centre, TELUS Garden, One Wall Centre, and Marine Gateway to name a few. Understanding the significance of reducing their carbon footprint, the company has been thoughtfully managing its greenhouse gas emissions with Climate Smart since 2011.

Last year, the Glotman Simpson team rolled up their sleeves to focus on tackling their garbage and paper usage. The GS Green Team, led by Lauren Semancik, People + Brand Ambassador, dove in to take took a closer look at implementing notable change. A few of the firm’s initiatives included changing their accounting process to store incoming invoices electronically, replacing the old practice of printing two copies of each invoice received; and, purchasing more paper with 30% recycled content. These initiatives alone led to a reduction of over 70,000 sheets of paper used, and a cost savings of over $1,200 a year.

Glotman Simpson also reevaluated their recycling program after realizing that the container recycling bin was being emptied into the garbage rather than being recycled each night. They revamped their recycling program in the spring of 2016, introducing composting and container recycling. This resulted in over 11,000 pounds of waste diverted from the landfill in 2016.

Lauren says, “This past year was really rewarding for us in terms of seeing a real impact from our green initiatives. Seeing an opportunity for improvement in our inventory data and implementing just a few simple changes generated such a positive outcome. We’re always looking for ways to reduce waste, and with the help of the Climate Smart team, we were able to really make a difference this past year in reaching our targets!”.

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