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Case study


Total GHG Inventory

  • 2012: 35.5 tonnes CO2e

GHG Reduction Highlights

  • Fleet Management: route planning software
  • Fleet Management: biodisel


  • 24.7% fuel savings per box delivered

Frogbox distributes reusable plastic totes as a low environmental impact alternative to traditional cardboard moving boxes. As part of their business, they operate two trucks to deliver and pick up these totes from customers.

Frogbox already operates its trucks on biodiesel (sourced from a local co-operative) in the summer months. To further reduce their emissions, they have implemented a software-based routing system to group customers and deliveries within geographic areas. They are now able to deploy their trucks far more efficiently, reducing time and distance driven per delivery.

Beyond their routing software, Frogbox also optimizes efficiency by planning delivery routes a day in advance. When customers order boxes, they choose a 2-hour window, and if Frogbox staff see that the route can be optimized by moving that window, they will call the customer to ask whether a different time will suit them.

Frogbox also has an extensive recycling and composting system at their head office, and is also moving towards a paperless, tablet-based invoicing and route planning system in 2014.

Since Frogbox began measuring their emissions in 2010, the company has achieved a 24.7% reduction in emissions per box delivered.

As a growing business, Frogbox has set an even more aggressive intensity target for 2014: a 35% decrease in emissions, per box delivered.

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