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Case study

Digitech Renewable Printer Cartridges

Digitech Hybrid Fleet Vehicle

GHG Reduction Highlights

  • Delivery route routing
  • Transit passes for employees
  • New B2B opportunities

Projected Reductions

  • 15% in fuel savings
  • 4.2% reduction in company emissions

Projected Uplift

  • sales from new clients

Digitech specializes in renewable toner cartridges and printer repairs for desktop laser printers. After calculating an emissions baseline for the 2009 fiscal year, Digitech determined that their 2010 emissions inventory had decreased by 4.2% due to a variety of emissions reduction strategies they adopted.

Digitech had previously initiated efforts to reduce emissions through implementing employee engagement initiatives, as well as replacing several company vehicles with hybrids. Through planning efficient routes for company vehicle trips, Digitech experienced a 15% reduction (1,145L) in fleet gasoline use and emissions. Supplying employees with transit passes achieved a further 15% reduction in emissions associated with employee commuting.

Digitech further reduced emissions through implementing proactive waste reduction management and planning office seating to maximize natural light. All of these reductions were achieved while consistently experiencing sales growth. The company plans on continuing to reduce emissions by utilizing route-planning software for all sales staff, consolidating suppliers to reduce shipping, developing a team challenge to reduce utility natural gas and electricity use, as well as eventually converting their last non-hybrid vehicle to a fully electric vehicle.

An additional benefit of participating in the Climate Smart program was new B2B opportunities. Through the Climate Smart network, Digitech met a variety of other businesses, resulting in at least seven new clients. These new connections have accounted for $8,370 in new sales for Digitech.

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