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Case study



  • increased margin by 15%
  • cut vehicle emissions by 50% per vehicle-kilometre


  • ​more ​fuel efficient truck​s​
  • on-board ​scales
  • route optimization

505-Junk is a recycling company specializing in junk removal for residential, construction and commercial clients in the Greater Vancouver region. Co-owners Barry Hartman and Scott Foran have always been committed to running their business in an environmentally progressive way. All the materials they pick up are sorted to prioritize upcycling or re-use. Items beyond re-use are sent to local recycling companies. With this approach, 505-Junk is minimizing waste which also results in greenhouse gas reductions for their customers.
But how many GHGs are they helping their customers reduce? Barry and Scott wanted to learn to calculate these avoided carbon emissions and communicate this positive impact to their customers. To do this, they turned to Climate Smart in 2013.

“Beyond the customer communications opportunities—which was our initial interest—Climate Smart helped us analyze our business to identify changes that could increase efficiencies for us,” says Barry. “By investing in more efficient trucks, on-board scales, and route optimization, we’ve increased our margins and freed up time to expand our business. All this while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Truck Scales

505-Junk installed accurate, Measurement Canada-certified scales in each of its trucks. These scales created a multitude of benefits for both 505-Junk and its clients.

  • Clients are able to receive real-time, accurate weights for junk upon pick-up.
  • 505-Junk can invoice clients on the spot, reducing paperwork and requirements for multiple trips.
  • Clients can dispose of and weigh different types of materials, satisfying municipal construction and demolition diversion bylaws, as well as LEED Building requirements.
  • Because 505-Junk knows the weights of each client’s garbage, trucks no longer need to make one trip per client, but can pick up multiple clients’ loads in one trip, saving GHGs and fuel costs.

Winning Clients

Through a relationship built around Climate Smart, 505-Junk began working with Concert Properties, an award-winning diversified real estate enterprise with properties in BC, Alberta and Ontario. Concert was looking for a service provider to provide accurate waste diversion data to reach ambitious diversion rates – 505-Junk was able to provide this service.

Expanding the Business – Leveraging Influence

Since the beginning, 505-Junk’s vision has been to franchise its business model. Rather than compromising environmental and social values in the process, however, 505-Junk is leveraging influence to ramp up impact as the company expands.

505-Junk is working with franchise partners that share the same commitment to environmentally progressive values. 505-Junk has completed a franchise operational manual that includes environmental considerations – among other things, it outlines how to properly recycle materials collected, and efficiently operate trucks. Key initiatives will be to continue to partner with local recycling suppliers to divert materials, including concrete, metal, plastics, wood, box springs, and drywall, and diverting usable goods to charity partners in local communities. Diverting as much as possible from landfills also helps keep the business efficient and benefits the bottom line.

The first two franchises were launched in the Tri-Cities and Fraser Valley areas of BC in November 2017, and another five locations are planned for 2018.

“While many businesses lose their environmental focus as they grow,” says Barry, “we intend to only get better by building stronger networks, and creating more avenues for recycling and better access to low-cost reusable goods in each community we enter.”

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