Becoming Climate Smart Certified is a journey. It is a journey to discovering and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a journey to cost savings, and a journey that helps businesses realize that every organization can make a difference to the planet’s well-being, no matter their size or industry.

So what is the Climate Smart Journey like? We asked trailblazing businesses a few questions about the process and what it’s like to become a sustainability leader through the Climate Smart program.
Let’s dive in with Mckenna Liski, the Environmental Impact Specialist at Tru Earth.

Meet, Tru Earth! They’re a leading eco-friendly household product company based in Vancouver, Canada, committed to eradicating plastic from landfills and oceans. At its core, Tru Earth is a movement (#TruEarthMovement™) led by a team that joins more than half a million equally committed people in 65 countries to combat the 645 billion plastic household product containers dumped in landfills and oceans globally each year.
Their customers are disrupting the multi-billion-dollar household product industry and reducing carbon emissions by up to 94 percent while they care for their families and the health of the planet. They also match all first-time subscriptions by donating to families in need across the globe.
Tru Earth’s collection of products and planned launches come with a pledge to provide #TruChangeMakers with the laundry, bathroom, and kitchen products they need to make a substantial impact on the health of our world.

What made you decide on Climate Smart? 
 “Our friends at the well-known eco-responsible clothing company tentree recommended Climate Smart to help us with our goal of significantly reducing emissions by pinpointing our most troublesome areas. At Tru Earth, we know many small hinges can swing very big doors!”
What was your Climate Smart experience like? 
 “The entire experience with Climate Smart was fantastic. Our advisor, Elly, made communication easy and efficient throughout the program, and we learned a great deal from the training sessions, particularly in the area of emissions scopes. We also learned about other participating companies and received great assistance in building our reduction plan.”
How does Climate Smart align with your company’s values?
 “The critical cause that underscores all of Tru Earth’s values is: to create true lasting change that helps save the planet. Climate Smart allows us to expand our focus on eradicating plastic in the household to becoming truly carbon neutral as we find ways for our company to reduce our emissions and our impact on the planet.“
What was your biggest win with Climate Smart?  
 “Our biggest win with Climate Smart was realizing that even an environmentally-focused company like ours can create emissions that are harmful to the planet – and we saw the data that explained it. We were then able to identify where our greatest emissions were, rapidly strategize lower-emitting options, and greatly reduce our overall emissions.”
What would you say was the biggest challenge you faced?
 “At first, our biggest challenge was collecting data from different departments. The next challenge was finding fun and engaging initiatives to get everyone in our large team involved. While it’s challenging to create accessible initiatives for everyone, it’s a great learning opportunity for our entire team. While the lion’s share of Tru Earth’s emissions don’t come from the actions of our team, starting new initiatives and making changes will increase our employees’ ability to live a more sustainable life.” 

How would you describe your company's success with Climate Smart so far?
“So far, we’ve made a number of important logistical changes to improve our processes and lower our emissions in areas such as transportation of goods – a huge success, given that moving goods creates most of our emissions. Other internal initiatives and behavioural changes are underway to target another of our large emission-creating areas – paper packaging. We’ve already seen significant improvement thanks to the increased use of recycled and post-consumer content. We were surprised by how powerful switching to lower-emitting processes can be if you know where the key problems are and have a team that’s passionate about decreasing its impact on the planet. 
Our success is due to our team’s understanding that we must continue to find ways to make our company and our lives more sustainable, and decrease our emissions everywhere we can.

Climate Smart not only offers a valuable certification but has also been a fantastic support in helping us to reduce our emissions. From the training to the software and the advisors, we have been impressed with our experience with Climate Smart every step of the way. We plan to continue the annual certification, to focus on finding ways to reduce our emissions, and to keep that logo!”

Tru Earth’s Climate Smart journey has only just begun, and we’re inspired by their determination and drive to make planet-positive changes.
If you’re ready to start your organization on its own Climate Smart journey and transform your business into a climate leader, our experts are ready to help you cut carbon, cut costs, and make a difference to the planet’s well-being. Learn more: