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Business Energy and Emissions Profiles (BEEPs)

At Climate Smart, we have been working with small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to help them reduce their GHG footprints since 2007. Since then, we have worked with over 850 businesses and aggregated a unique dataset that sheds light on SME emissions.

Our unique and scaleable data can now help cities and on-the-ground partners create a projected baseline of their business community emissions. We call this projection a BEEP – business energy and emissions profile.

To learn more about BEEPs and to see an interactive map of North American cities that have launched a BEEP, go to

MIT’s Climate CoLab honoured the BEEP with the 2016 Climate CoLab Overall Grand Prize along with
both Judges’ Choice and Popular Choice at Large awards in its Smart Zero Carbon Cities competition.

A BEEP provides municipalities with:

  • A snapshot and sector profile of the business emissions within the community by industry sector.
  • GHG emissions projections by sector and activity (building energy use, transportation, and waste).
  • Data on the highest emitting industry sectors, pointing to reduction opportunities and projecting potential impact within the local economy.

A BEEP serves as the foundation for engagement of local business communities and includes:

  • Data on motivation for businesses to take on carbon measurement and reduction initiatives (overall and by sector).
  • Data on reduction strategies implemented by Climate Smart certified businesses (overall and by sector).
  • Case studies highlighting how businesses in the focus sectors are cost-effectively reducing their emissions.

We have created BEEPs for 21 North American provinces, municipalities and neighbourhoods to date:

  • City of Calgary, Alberta
  • City of Coquitlam, British Columbia
  • City of Edmonton, Alberta
  • City of Fort Collins, Colorado
  • City of Hamilton, Ontario
  • City of Mississauga, Ontario
  • City of Montreal, Quebec
  • City of New Westminster, British Columbia
  • City of North Vancouver, British Columbia
  • City of Ottawa, Ontario
  • City of Port Moody, British Columbia
  • City of St. John’s, Newfoundland
  • City of Surrey, British Columbia
  • City of Toronto, Ontario
  • City of Vancouver, British Columbia
  • City of Victoria, British Columbia
  • False Creek Flats, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Province of British Columbia
  • Province of New Brunswick
  • Sudbury Region, Ontario
  • York Region, Ontario

Contact us if you are interested in creating a BEEP report for your community, or go to