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Providing unique data on emissions in British Columbia: Province of BC BEEP

Climate Smart is excited to announce its first Provincial level Business Energy and Emissions Profile (BEEP) for British Columbia. Through a long-standing partnership and financial support from Vancity Credit Union, Climate Smart is pleased to offer insight into emissions created from small and medium sized enterprises in the province of British Columbia, and share the opportunity for businesses to profitably achieve reductions.

Key Findings from the BC BEEP:

  • Small and medium businesses in BC emit up to 7.7 million tonnes of CO2e, which is equivalent to the energy usage of 920,700 homes
  • 86% of emissions in BC come from transportation and natural gas combustion
  • Small and medium businesses in BC could reduce their emissions by 1.7 million tonnes of CO2e, which is equivalent to 363,000 vehicles removed from the road

To see a summary of the key findings click here.
To see the British Columbia BEEP Dashboard click here.

“Small and medium-sized enterprises sometimes “fly under the radar” of policymakers, but these businesses can and must be key partners in Canada’s effort to meet its climate commitments and grow the clean economy. Through Vancity’s climate leadership in making this unique data publicly accessible, we hope British Columbian businesses of every size and type are inspired and informed of their climate potential, and policymakers are provided with tools and resources to develop data-driven storytelling on climate action.”
Elizabeth Sheehan, President of Climate Smart

“Over the last decade, Vancity’s work with Climate Smart has helped businesses in our communities understand their total emissions and take steps to minimize the environmental
impact of their operations. The new British Columbia BEEP we collaborated on highlights sectors in our economy that have a real opportunity to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.ˮ

Morgan Beall, Vancity Environmental Sustainability Portfolio Manager

“I believe it is important for businesses to do their due diligence to understand where their emissions are coming from to have a benchmark for improvement. Once the core areas are identified, businesses can then identify solutions that will tackle multiple points at the same time. Climate Smart has helped us identify these areas and we’re proud of our team for implementing them to make meaningful positive change.”
Barry Hartman, CEO, 505-JUNK

Partnership & Funding from Vancity Credit Union:

Vancity Credit Union has supported Climate Smart to produce the BC Beep in a number of ways. This involved supporting scholarships for 157 Vancity members to attend the Climate Smart training sessions to achieve certification, and providing a location to host the Climate Smart cohorts in their corporate offices. Alongside this, Vancity is the lead sponsor for the first Provincial Business Energy and Emissions Profile in BC. Climate Smart is grateful for this opportunity, and values Vancity’s continuous commitment to climate action and helping to support the growth of a clean, diverse BC economy.

Want to get involved? Check out our upcoming Climate Smart training sessions across Canada here.

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