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Happy Earth Day from Climate Smart

Celebrate Earth Day with Climate Smart

This Earth Day, Climate Smart is looking to its champions to grow our collective impact.

Did you know?

  • Earth Day is on Monday April 22nd.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses have the potential to reduce 30% of Canada’s GHG emissions—that’s an enormous climate action leadership opportunity.
  • Climate Smart businesses are saving over $4.5 million a year as a result of efforts to reduce their carbon output.

Business owners are using a variety of strategies to profitably reduce carbon emissions, including fleet upgrades, route optimization, heat recovery, employee engagement, and more. See what these businesses are saying about Climate Smart below.

How can you help? Forward this email to a business you would like to join the Climate Smart network or simply refer a business to Climate Smart here.

Want to pay it forward? Fill out the form here to sponsor a special client, supplier, or friend to come through the Climate Smart program.

Upcoming Climate Smart Trainings

Vancouver: May 9th   Toronto: May 14th   Edmonton: Fall 2019

Full details can be found at:

“Ever since becoming a father, I have looked differently at ways I can influence future generations and become a more sustainable human. The Climate Smart Program gives companies a fantastic opportunity to take those personal passions and apply them in a working operation. Utilizing this experience and applying our own ideas, we have taken our baseline inventory of our carbon footprint and looked at ways in which we can make a real difference. Everyone has a responsibility for the future of our planet, and this program is a step in the right direction for future generations.”   Manager, Dexterra

“Through Climate Smart, we were able to identify our greatest opportunities to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while also cutting back on our expenses. Hearing about what other companies are doing within our industry; connecting us with resources, such as utility incentives and rebates; and highlighting new technologies are just some of the ways Climate Smart helped us diagnose and document our emission reductions of 24% while growing our business.”   Environmental Coordinator, Fraser River Pile & Dredge

“At the Listel Hotel we first tackled our greenhouse gas emissions in 2008 by installing solar hot water panels and a heat exchange system to dramatically reduce the amount of natural gas needed to heat domestic water. With successful carbon- and cost-cutting initiative under our belts, we’ve continued to find ways to reduce our environmental impact. Most recently, we renovated our hotel restaurant to become a model for energy efficiency and achieving zero waste to landfill.”   General Manager, The Listel Hotel

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