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Benefits of Being a Host

As a Climate Smart host partner, you can engage your business community, receive valuable community emissions data, create green jobs, and reduce your own carbon exposure.

Host partners are usually local governments and government agencies, and occasionally corporations such as large financial institutions and insurance companies. They enable more small and mid-sized businesses to measure their carbon footprints with Climate Smart. Hosts work closely with Climate Smart and provide financial support to participating businesses.


  • Strengthen ties with your business community. Climate Smart offers a unique opportunity to connect with your community’s business leaders. By sponsoring a group of businesses to participate in the training program, you provide a platform for business-to-business networking and demonstrate your commitment to building economic resilience.
  • Gain valuable data on your community emissions. As a host, you receive actionable data on greenhouse gas emissions from your business sector. This data can provide greater insight into your community-wide emissions inventory. It can also help you measure progress toward goals and connect business action with your community emissions reduction initiatives.
  • Create green jobs in your community. At Climate Smart, we are committed to training and capacity building with our business clients. This means that green jobs are actually created through the program. The United Nations Environment Program’s definition of green jobs includes jobs that reduce energy and materials consumption, de-carbonize the economy, and minimize waste, all of which are key elements of greenhouse gas management.
  • Minimize your carbon exposure by engaging your supply chain. Many local governments in BC have signed on to the Climate Action Charter (CAC) and committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2012. Under the CAC, these communities will be required to pay for offsets for emissions from suppliers of “traditional services” such as road and traffic operations and solid waste collection. By engaging these contractors in greenhouse gas management and helping them reduce their emissions, local governments can minimize the cost of their offsets.
  • Build capacity in your own organization. As a host, you can choose to have in-house staff trained by Climate Smart, joining a network of knowledgeable and skilled leaders in greenhouse gas management. These staff members may also co-deliver the Climate Smart training program to businesses.