Climate action makes our Climate Smart hearts happy.

We know that climate action makes really good business sense—our data is proof of that. So it’s no surprise that we are fiercely dedicated to enabling small and medium businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, participate actively in building a better, stronger, more resilient low-carbon economy, and celebrate cost savings while they’re at it.

Our goal: A prosperous, low-carbon future for all!

In our opinion, small and medium businesses have been largely overlooked by climate change policy, and they're a sector that harnesses so much possibility for big, innovative change. In fact, we’re pretty certain that small and medium businesses have the chops to lead a transition to a low-carbon future. We know it because we see it happening through our work. And it’s really impressive.

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We’ve been busy helping businesses reduce carbon emissions

Host partners (local governments, financial institutions, ports and airports)
Average emissions reduction against baseline
Projected total invested in GHG reduction projects
Businesses trained
In cost savings
Even though we’re a B-Corp certified company, Climate Smart was able to show us where we have been lacking in data management in regards to GHG emissions and provided us suggestions moving forward to make the process easier.
Trevor DeHaan General Manager, SkyFire Energy Inc.


Emissions are not sector-specific. All sectors can reduce their output.

For every sector (yes, EVERY sector), there are many better and less carbon-intensive ways to produce and distribute goods and deliver services. It’s a matter of getting creative—and of caring. Every business can be a sustainable business. Every industry has room for a climate change leader to blaze a trail forward. It can be you.

We work with businesses in these sectors:

  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Financial Institutions and Insurance
  • Food and Beverage Processors
  • Hospitality, Food Service, Tourism, Retirement Communities
  • Manufacturing and Clean Tech
  • Printing
  • Professional Services
  • Retail and Grocery
  • Social Services, Non-profits and Co-ops
  • Wholesaling, Warehousing, Transportation and Distribution
  • Waste Management
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Our History

We’ve been doing this a long time. Like before “climate change” was a thing people talked about out loud.

Climate Smart launched humbly in 2007 as a program of Ecotrust Canada with a pilot cohort of ten BC businesses and organizations. We tested the viability of a service that lowered the financial and technical barriers for SMEs to take action on climate change. It was clear we were on to something.

In 2009 we incorporated as a social enterprise and in 2010 launched our first municipally supported climate change program designed specifically for small and medium businesses.

When we couldn’t find the metrics and data analysis tools, we decided to custom create them ourselves. We’ve been evolving and expanding our software tools ever since. They’re user-friendly and rigorous. A combination we stand behind. Our software was ranked the #1 software solution for SMEs in an independent study by Carbonzero and was granted honourable mention in the 2010 Globe Award for Excellence in Emerging Technology by the Globe Foundation.

By 2015, we were in a groove. And it was a good one. Our Climate Smart certified businesses were achieving impressive emissions reductions and related cost savings, too. Our Business Energy & Emissions Profiles (BEEP) were propelling municipalities toward impressive collective climate action and we won the MIT Climate CoLab Grand Prize. It was all working! And it continues to work today.


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The proof is in the accolades

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