They say it takes a village.

We say it takes one heckuva dedicated team.

Green waves

Climate Smart’s Network of Trainers

  • Maureen Cureton

    Training Consultant
    If anyone was destined to be a Climate Smart trainer, it’s Maureen. She started her long, diverse, and impressive career in the environmental sector in organic recycling technology. Then she got her feet wet in tech start-up, natural capitalism, and sustainable development solutions, too. She’s also a published co-author of Green Development: Integrating Ecology and Real Estate Development and Toward Sustainable Communities. What we’re trying to say is: Maureen knows her stuff. And then some. She’s also incredibly charming and exuberant, an exclamation mark of a woman who makes teaches, trains, and facilitates with ease and grace, and a dollop of sunshine, too.

    Credentials and other proof that Maureen has chops:

    • Associate Faculty, Royal Roads University
    • Master of Business Administration, Simon Fraser University
    • BA, Natural Resource and Environmental Management, University of Western Ontario