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How do Host Partnerships work?

Join our current host partners and make it more feasible for your local small and medium-sized businesses, tenants, clients, and suppliers to participate in our award-winning Climate Smart training and certification. When you enable a business to reduce its carbon footprint, you also empower it to lead others. And that’s a win-win.

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Through Climate Smart we are providing our business members with value-added tools and critical skills to stay competitive, reduce energy costs and contribute towards our City's goals on climate.
David Wojcik President & CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade


Host partners make carbon reduction possible.

  • Incentivize businesses to participate in Climate Smart training

    Offer a numerical discount ($1000!), a percentage in savings (50% off), free info sessions, or if you’re feeling generous, be like YVR Airport and cover the entire cost.

  • Get in tight with the businesses in your community

    Sponsor a business and say (without saying) loud and clear: “We support your commitment to carbon emissions reduction fully.” Building loyalty and curbing energy use is gonna be a breeze.

  • Inform future decisions with data

    Receive GHG emissions data on the businesses you support, and use these metrics to accelerate carbon reduction and stimulate investment in cleaning your local economy.

  • Create green jobs

    Create advocacy and leadership within the walls of the businesses that you support. Climate Smart certified businesses are the building blocks of the low-carbon economy.

  • Minimize your own carbon exposure

    by engaging contractors and other members of your supply chain, two great things happen: 1) They green their operations, and 2) You reduce your indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Build capacity in your own organization.

    Train your own in-house staff, then have them co-lead the Climate Smart training program to the very businesses that your organization is supporting. We love full circles.

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Hosts with the most.

Low carbon communities are fueled by high commitment and ambitious goals on climate. Our current host partners—local governments, ports, airports, and leading financial institutions—offer this, and so much more.

  • City of Edmonton logo

    Up to 50% off Climate Smart program (up to a max. $3000/yr) for businesses with 75 employees or less and non-profits (of any size) in Edmonton.

  • City of North Vancover logo

    $1,000 off Climate Smart program for businesses located in City of North Vancouver.

  • HSBC logo

    $1,000 off Climate Smart program for businesses across Canada.

  • Port of Vancouver logo

    50% off Climate Smart program for Port of Vancouver tenants.

  • Vancity logo

    $1,000 off Climate Smart program for Vancity Credit Union member businesses.

  • YVR logo

    100% off Climate Smart program for YVR tenants on Sea Island (first year certification only).

  • Manitoba Environmental Industries Association logo

    $1,000 off Climate Smart program for businesses in Manitoba.

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