Good math makes for great momentum.

Data is an undeniably powerful tool for driving change. We harness it (and let you harness it, too) to accelerate climate action, achieve business goals, and implement strategic climate change initiatives. Our data allows small and medium businesses like yours to accurately measure the impact of your climate-related actions—on the planet and on your bottom line as well.

The Numbers

Climate Smart businesses are making serious climate strides

Average emissions reduction against baseline
Total cost savings to date
Businesses trained
Projected total invested in GHG reduction projects
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Business Energy & Emissions Profiles (BEEPs) are helping communities lead the charge

BEEPs completed for communities across North America
North American businesses included in BEEP data
Potential tonnes of CO2 reductions

If you want to talk about numbers, we never tire of it.

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BEEP Case Studies

Use Climate Smart data to drive your innovation.

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    Our award-winning Climate Smart training & certification program helps you measure your emissions baseline and produce your own data to power change.

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    Our Business Energy & Emissions Profile (BEEP) projects possibilities to help you motivate your local business community to take collective action on climate change.

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Incomparably rich data sets that power climate action

Our data set is exclusive and robust. It’s the ever-evolving product of over a decade helping small and medium businesses measure and reduce their carbon footprints. We’ve used it to develop some seriously impressive tools (if we do say so ourselves) that support climate action, identify opportunities for carbon cutting and cost savings, and cultivate climate change leaders in businesses of all kinds across North America.

  • Reduce carbon emissions and related costs
  • Achieve sustainability and carbon reduction goals
  • Engage communities, clients, and networks in climate reduction initiatives
  • Develop leaders inside business and government who advocate for a low-carbon economy
Connected data illustration

Government Partnership

Low Carbon Economy Fund shareable

Low Carbon Economy Fund

Together with the Government of Canada’s Low Carbon Economy Fund, Climate Smart developed a ground-breaking portfolio featuring 5 projects in four participating businesses and 3 industries (transportation, recreation, and real estate). Our aim is to accelerate Canada’s transition to a low carbon future. And we’re doing it.

These key facts and figures still give us goosebumps. The progress makes us proud.

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investment, 50%-75% by the businesses themselves
tonnes CO₂ equivalent reduced over the lifetime of the projects
306K+ GJ
reduction in energy consumed
jobs created by project implementation

Industry Briefs

Our numbers tell stories.
And they’re really compelling.