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The Climate Smart Seal

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On Organic Box vehicles in Edmonton, Alberta

Businesses that complete one year of the Climate Smart program are able to use the Climate Smart seal for that year. Climate Smart businesses use the seal on their company and marketing materials, fleet vehicles, offices and products to prove to clients and customers that they are environmentally aware and actively working to reduce their impact.

For an organization to be “Climate Smart”, it must complete one year in the Climate Smart program:

  • it must measure its annual carbon footprint for that year, and
  • submit a list of reduction initiatives and strategies it will pursue in that year.

For every year that an organization fulfils these requirements, it receives a Climate Smart seal dated for that year. The seal comes as electronic files, suitable for use online or in print. Window decals are also available.



More and more, consumers (be they governments, other businesses, or the public) are aware of environmental issues and are placing greater scrutiny on the products and services they buy.

Hundreds of organizations have worked with Climate Smart. The Climate Smart seal provides customers with a rigourous, transparent and trusted benchmark for making informed purchasing decisions. They can rest assured a “Climate Smart” business is not just “buying” an accreditation.

Multi-year (undated) seal

At the request of many long-time Climate Smart businesses, an undated seal is now available.

The “Climate Smart Certified” seal requires companies to commit to continue measuring and reducing their GHG emissions with Climate Smart for multiple years. The multi-year seal is a great way to keep your materials current without having to update them every year. A “Climate Smart Certified” business uses the seal to demonstrate it is taking long-term and continuous action on something its customers care deeply about.



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