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Case study

Host Partner: Vancity Credit Union

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Climate Smart works with local governments, larger companies and organizations to engage small and medium-sized businesses within their value chains and communities in meeting broader sustainability goals. Some of our ‘host partners’ include the Vancouver Airport Authority, Port Metro Vancouver, and Vancity credit union.

Vancity has been making environmental improvements to their business performance for well over a decade. In 2005, Vancity integrated greenhouse gas (GHG) management into their business strategy and operations, and in 2008 they received widespread media attention for becoming the first North American-based financial institution to achieve carbon neutrality. Beyond their ongoing commitment to GHG reductions, Vancity offers products and services to help their members take action on climate change solutions as well.

An original funder of Climate Smart, Vancity has been “paying it forward” since 2008 by offering Climate Smart training scholarships to their business and not-for-profit members. Vancity believes that enabling local enterprises to make their own strategic decisions about GHG management will result in widespread community benefits.

Vancity is committed to improving the environmental sustainability of the communities we serve. For us that has meant not only making improvements to how we operate, but also about supporting our members to make changes that will green their business and reduce their ecological footprint.

Emily Pearson
Portfolio Manager
Vancity Credit Union

The stories of some of these businesses and their journey through the Climate Smart program have been captured in short videos produced with Vancity’s support. The latest of these can be viewed here.

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