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Case study

The Musket Transport Wins on Fuel Savings

GHG Impact:

  • Emission intensity decreased by 10%
  • Avoided 3,957 tonnes CO2e

Cost Savings:

  • Over $1.9 Million savings in diesel fuel costs


  • Low emission Volvo trucks
  • Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)
  • Anti-idling policy

The Musket Transport is the first Mississauga-based trucking company to become Climate Smart certified, and one of the first businesses out of Mississauga, ON to join the Climate Smart network. Protecting the environment is at the core of Musket Transport’s values, and what drew them to the Climate Smart program to help strengthen and improve upon their energy and fuel conservation initiatives. Through the Climate Smart program, Musket Transport was trained to quantify and track their GHG emissions, and develop impactful, meaningful reduction strategies and initiatives.

Musket Transport participated in Climate Smart as part of a 2018 pilot led by the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT). With support from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and funding from HSBC Bank, the MBOT launched Climate Smart amongst its members, helping to increase business resiliency and unlock climate action amongst Ontario’s small and medium-sized businesses.

Behaviour Change Initiatives

CHET SmartDriver Highway Trucking Course:

Long before the Climate Smart program, Musket recognized the importance of driver behaviour change and addressed it by offering the Commercial Heavy Equipment Training Ltd. (CHET) SmartDriver Highway Trucking Course to all truck drivers to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel efficiency by up to 35%. Included in this program is the use of a VS600M simulator providing students the ability to develop the skill sets necessary to execute maneuvers in various loading and driving conditions. The use of iMVR technology allows for CHET to hone in on behavioural training, ensuring drivers are educated on fuel efficiency driving and habits such as anti-idling and fuel consumption. CHET students can also access the student portal, complete with multimedia instructional videos, video tutorials and training materials. To learn more about CHET’s driver program, see the full release here.

Award for sustainable driving

Starting in 2016, Musket Transport installed electronic logging devices in their vehicles to help promote sustainable driving habits while out in the field. To further incentivize sustainable driving behaviour, Musket recently identified the top 30 drivers with the most fuel-efficient driving records and awarded these drivers with Climate Smart decals for their trucks. Musket Transport hopes that recognizing driver excellence will help to build a culture around sustainable driving and help to support Musket Transport’s sustainable business model.

Repair & Reuse

Musket Transport’s facilities are a leading example of how sustainability can be integrated into a business in a number of creative, fun ways. Most recently, Musket Transport has launched a program to repurpose old shipping containers. Some are sold to the public, some repurposed as art pieces inside the office, and some are used as temporary offices for Musket Transport staff during renovations.

Other Initiatives include:

  • Shift to low emission Volvo VNL 740 trucks.
  • Fuel contract with Cawthra and Royal Windsor terminal to prevent idling.
  • LED Lighting retrofit at Cawthra and Royal Windsor yards as well as the cross dock warehouse at Ridgeway.
  • CHET to partner with Musket’s Driver Management Team and Safety & Compliance Department for SmartWay fuel efficiency training for experienced drivers.
  • Installing pavement in all three yards to prevent dust build-up and equipment damage, Cawthra to be completed in August 2019.
  • Partnerships and projects with local organizations such as Credit Valley Conservation and University of Toronto Mississauga’s Blackwood Gallery.

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