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Case study


GHG Impact:

  • 19% absolute reduction
  • 17% natural gas use reduction
  • 30% waste reduction
  • 18% fuel reduction

Cost Savings:

  • $60,000+ annually


  • New boiler steam lines and process improvements
  • Better waste sorting
  • Variable frequency drives

Stella-Jones is a leading North American manufacturer of pressure treated wood products. The company’s core products — railway ties and utility poles — serve many of North America’s railroads, telecom providers, and electrical utilities. Stella-Jones’ network of 37 wood treating facilities are spread across 16 US states and five Canadian provinces. Stella-Jones (New Westminster, BC, facility) has been tracking its greenhouse gas emissions since 2012. The company has implemented an array of strategies leading to an impressive 19% reduction in its emissions.

Stella-Jones’ single largest emission source is the natural gas process boiler. New steam lines and process changes have reduced the load on the main boiler, reducing the natural gas use by 17% and saving $11,000 a year.

Ensuring that waste pickups are made for full loads only has saved over $33,000 annually on waste disposal. The amount of waste sent to landfill and incineration has decreased by 30% due to the development of a better system for organizing the waste.

Implementing a no idling policy and using the most efficient vehicles in the fleet whenever possible has led to an 18% reduction in fuel and savings of over $4,000 annually. Ongoing replacement of lights with LEDs and installation of variable frequency drives on pumps have cut electricity use by 8% and saved over $13,000 annually (not including the reduction in maintenance costs).

Simply raising awareness around paper use and encouraging staff to reduce printing has led to an impressive 40% reduction in copy paper use and savings of nearly $500 a year.
In the near future, the company plans to further reduce emissions by better managing yard equipment (loaders and cranes), reducing unnecessary equipment travel, investigating replacing yard vehicles with electric golf carts, and researching process boiler upgrade options.

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