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Case study


Total GHG Inventory
  • ’09-’10: 752 tonnes CO2e
  • ’11-’12: 695 tonnes CO2e
GHG Reduction Highlights
  • Replacing conventional fleet with hybrid vehicles; using route optimization software
Projected Annual Savings
  • Fuel costs: $21,000/yr
  • Fleet/route optimization: $5,000/month

Securiguard is a full-service integrated security solutions company offering customized corporate security services, security guards and security consulting. Through participating in the Climate Smart program, the company measured their baseline inventory for their North American operations for the 2010 fiscal year, and is currently measuring their footprint for 2011 and 2012.

The 47-vehicle Securiguard fleet currently includes 17 hybrid vehicles and one diesel vehicle. In addition to replacing conventional vehicles with the 17 efficient hybrids, Securiguard is working to replace an additional 12 vehicles with leased hybrids in the next year.

The net per-vehicle savings that Securiguard has realized from these changes are $100 per month, including additional leasing costs. Annual savings amount to $21,000 in fuel costs (assuming $1.30 per litre), and translate into a projected greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction of 97 tonnes CO2e, or a 13% reduction in emissions from Securiguard’s 2010 baseline measurement, with further reductions to come from increased fleet efficiency.

Securiguard was also able to reduce the total number of vehicles in their fleet over the past two years, through better route planning using new route optimization software implemented in their vehicles. Financial returns from this on-board software, and the subsequent fuel savings and reduced size of the Securiguard fleet have been substantial. Securiguard is realizing savings of $5,000 on a monthly basis.

In total, Securiguard’s fleet efficiency initiatives have brought the company annual fuel savings of more than $80,000, as well as reducing a major component of their carbon footprint.

Cutting down on vehicle idling, implementing electronic invoicing, improving their recycling infrastructure and reducing energy consumption by implementing “turn-it-off ” programs and reducing vampire power are other ways Securiguard is working to thoroughly and thoughtfully green their operations.

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