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Case study

Reid’s Automotive Recycling Ltd.

Climate Smart certified business Reid’s Automotive Recycling offers an earth-friendly and economical solution for vehicle repairs and end of life vehicle processing. Reid’s Auto has adopted a ‘zero-waste’ mindset across all aspects of the business including daily operations, packaging, shipping, and repurposing of late model auto parts. Owners Stuart and Teresa Reid take great pride in their contribution to a low-carbon economy by extending the life of auto parts and helping to keep late model vehicle components out of landfills. This pride is what propelled Reid’s Auto to participate in Climate Smart, and their work continues to set a high standard of sustainability and climate action in the Canadian Automotive industry.

Upcycled Original Manufacture Parts (OEM) and the de-pollution of vehicles

Reid’s Automotive Recycling is committed to preventing unsustainable build-up of automotive parts in landfills without compromising on quality. Reid’s uses upcycled ‘Original Manufacture Parts (OEM’s)’ to ensure that their customers are receiving original parts and replacements which are safely tested and guaranteed to fit the specific model of car. Reid’s understands the importance of keeping the car original, keeping occupants’ safe, and retaining the value of the vehicle at a fraction of the cost, and with low impact to the environment.
Reid’s is a Gold certified Vehicle Processing Center accepting 2006 to 2019 Chrysler, Dodge Jeep automobiles and Ram trucks to recycle vehicles that customers no longer use, and over 98% of their vehicles have been purchased at auction from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Reid’s Auto is also a certified Allor Wheel Repair Facility, allowing them to fix all models of aluminum wheels as to new conditions.

The use of upcycled OEM parts ensures that customers are receiving original parts and replacements for select models which are safely tested and guaranteed to fit the specific model of car. By recovering and reusing auto parts and recycling waste material, Reid’s Auto helps to prevent automotive parts from ending up in the landfill and lets no good piece of equipment go to waste.

Shipping and Packing with a ‘zero waste’ mindset

Through their work with Climate Smart, Reid’s Auto has further identified areas of opportunity to save on carbon, and costs. Through their membership with Quality Recycled Parts Group (QRPBC), Reid’s has secured an exclusive partnership with ReJay Freight to deliver their product, package free. Some unique features include:

  1. Package free shipping and delivery to lower mainland automotive repair shops
  2. Customized solutions such as inbuilt hooks inside the trucks have been implemented so that auto parts can simply be hooked on rather than packed in cardboard boxes.
  3. ReJay Freight combines shipments with fellow QRPBC members thus achieving optimized route and less frequent stops for delivery.

For trips outside of province, Reid’s Auto also works to optimize shipments with Van-Kam Frieghtways to reduce time on the road, and save on fuel consumption.

Reid’s realizes that conscientious consumers understand that effective sustainable practices rely on reuse before recycle. It is their belief that by combining upcycled late model automotive parts of exceptional quality with customer friendly service they can make it extremely easy for their customers to contribute towards a greener world.

“We know that automotive recyclers aren’t necessarily perceived as protectors of the environment, but the very nature of our business–recovering and supplying used auto parts –has significant environmental benefits. We are very proud of being part of the solution and providing a green option in automotive repair. Working with Climate Smart to extend this commitment to our operations was not only a logical next step for us, it resonated strongly with all of us who work here. The results have benefitted us on many levels. Our expenses are lower and our staff are more engaged and work more collaboratively. This has assisted a growth in our revenue, increased our efficiency, and helps us deliver a higher level of service to our customers. It’s really been win, win, win.”
Teresa Reid, Co-Owner

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