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Case study

Reid’s Automotive Recycling Ltd.

Annual GHG Emissions Reduced By

  • 39% overall
  • 33% from building heat
  • 85% from garbage
  • 72% from paper use
  • 50% from staff commuting

Key Solutions

  • Improved building insulation.
  • Expanded recycling program.
  • Promotion of carpooling to work for staff.
  • Double-sided printing and purchasing paper with 100% recycled content.


Reid’s Automotive Recyclers Ltd. was established in 1995 to serve the need for quality used auto parts in BC and Alberta. The company re-purposes parts, refinishes alloy wheels and recycles end-of-life vehicles.

Reid’s is part of an industry that represents approximately 12% of all auto parts sold in BC. Owners Stuart and Teresa Reid see their industry as a key element of a low-carbon, sustainable economy. Reid’s takes great pride in their contribution to extending the life of auto parts and thereby reducing the need for new parts, helping to keep used parts out of the landfill, and responsibly handling the hazardous materials related to disassembly. This pride is what propelled their ambition to green their operations across a wide array of activities, achieving an impressive 39% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in just one year.

Tackling Top Emission Sources Achieves Big Reductions

In 2014, Reid’s began working with Climate Smart, learning how to measure its greenhouse gas emissions, and developing strategies to reduce its carbon footprint. Through this work, the company identified three primary sources of emissions: (1) staff commuting, (2) natural gas used to heat their building, and (3) garbage. Armed with this new information Reid’s spent the next year implementing a number of initiatives in an effort to reduce their impact; these included:

  • Improving insulation in the walls, roof and bay doors of the building, leading to a 32% reduction in natural gas consumption (and 33% reduction in emissions from natural gas consumption).
  • Expanding their recycling to include plastics, wood and metal, as well as implementing compost pick-up. This led to an 85% reduction in emissions from garbage (not including the avoided emissions from less frequent waste bin removal).
  • Building awareness amongst their staff on the environmental impacts of their commuting choices and promoting carpooling and low-carbon commuting options, leading to a 50% reduction in emissions from staff commuting.
  • Printing double sided, providing paperless invoicing, limiting internal communication with paper, and purchasing paper with 100% recycled content leading to a 16% reduction in paper consumption and a 72% reduction in related emissions.

According to owner Teresa Reid, “We know that automotive recyclers aren’t necessarily perceived as protectors of the environment, but the very nature of our business–recovering and supplying used auto parts –has significant environmental benefits. We are very proud of being part of the solution and providing a green option in automotive repair. Working with Climate Smart to extend this commitment to our operations was not only a logical next step for us, it resonated strongly with all of us who work here. The results have benefitted us on many levels. Our expenses are lower and our staff are more engaged and work more collaboratively. This has assisted a growth in our revenue, increased our efficiency, and helps us deliver a higher level of service to our customers. It’s really been win, win, win.”

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