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Case study

BlueShore Financial

Total GHG Inventory
  • 2009: 470.2 tonnes CO2e
GHG Reduction Highlights
  • Employee engagement aimed at energy conservation, encouraging alternative transport, and reducing waste
Other benefits
  • Reduced recruitment & HR costs due to internal leadership development
  • Internal team building

BlueShore Financial is a financial institution offering banking, investment, lending, and insurance services for individuals and small business.

Every business and organization knows that keeping employees engaged and inspired leads to more productive employees and lower turnover. Forward-thinking companies are now realizing that the encouragement of such initiatives as ‘green teams’ and sustainability programs such as Climate Smart are great ways to engage employees and reduce environmental impact (and costs!).

BlueShore Financial is an example of an organization with highly engaged employees. NSCU provides investment, banking and insurance services for individuals and small businesses in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Sea-to-Sky corridor. They have been treating sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs as a form of professional development – with stellar results.

When it comes time to recruit employees for these types of teams, BlueShore Financial doesn’t present the volunteer positions as an opportunity to ‘save the world’, but rather as an opportunity to:

· Develop public speaking skills
· Develop leadership skills
· Effect change in the organization
· Demonstrate leadership and teamwork and get noticed

The response from NSCU employees has been overwhelming. Employees regularly volunteer to be part of working groups and are actively involved in the process.

These types of programs are a win-win for employees and employers. BlueShore Financial employees relish the opportunity to develop new skills to use in their jobs and to add to their resumes. BlueShore Financial is able to see employees demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills, which improves the company’s ability to promote from within the organization. There are other benefits like reduced costs from recruiting, and the intangible benefits that come from people from across the company sharing ideas and problem-solving together. These benefits are, of course, in addition to the reduced environmental impact from the company’s operations.

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