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Case study


Reduction achieved:

  • third-party shipping emissions reduced by 61%

Lunapads manufactures and resells reusable menstrual pads and other feminine care products in Vancouver, BC. They have been tracking their greenhouse gas emissions with Climate Smart since 2012. After discovering that third-party shipping made up 59% of their overall emissions, Lunapads made some significant changes in their operations.

The company reduced the number of suppliers and focused on deepening their relationships with a few key ones. They now purchase larger quantities from suppliers that mainly ship to them by marine freight and trucking, rather than air. Marine shipping is over a hundred times less emission intensive than shipping by air. Ordering larger quantities from fewer suppliers has also helped Lunapads manage growth, and avoid emergency orders by air.

While they have long manufactured their main Lunapads line in Vancouver, they were able to also shift the manufacturing of one of their underwear lines from overseas to Vancouver, significantly reducing shipping emissions. One of the main reasons for doing this was to better manage the quality of products. An added benefit has been a decrease in unsellable products and a decrease in product waste. In addition, one of the owners picks up product from a local manufacturer on the way to work, eliminating the need for a separate delivery.

From the 2011 baseline to the 2014 inventory Lunapads recorded a 61% reduction in third party shipping emissions. During this time, the company’s number of employees increased by 25%. Lunapads is committed to continuing to track and further reduce their emissions with Climate Smart.

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