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Case study

John Brooks

Emissions Reductions :

  • 23% reductions CO2e
  • 4.6 tonnes CO2e/year
  • 115,000 kWh/year


  • $21,000 per year

Key Solutions:

  • LED Retrofit
  • Turn it off campaign
  • Motion light sensors
  • Recycling Program

John Brooks Company is a longstanding Canadian company providing spraying, pumping, filtering and pressure wash systems to its clients across Canada for over 80 years. In efforts to reduce expenses, invest in our social responsibility, attract top talent, and understand subsidies and strategies available to businesses, John Brooks participated in Climate Smart in 2018 to learn more about their carbon footprint.

John Brooks participated in Climate Smart as part of a 2018 pilot led by the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT). With support from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and funding from HSBC Bank, the MBOT launched Climate Smart amongst its members, helping to increase business resiliency and unlock climate action amongst Ontario’s small and medium-sized businesses. Climate Smart is proud to announce that John Brooks Company is one of the first Climate Smart certified businesses in Mississauga, ON.

Participating in Climate Smart allowed John Brooks to build out green business strategies to give them a competitive advantage in business. After measuring the baseline inventory for its 56,000 foot office in Mississauga and three satellite facilities located in Edmonton, Montreal, and Cambridge, John Brooks developed a comprehensive pipeline for upgrades and retrofits in their Meadowpine facility and introduced a number of operational and behavioral changes to help engage staff in sustainability, and help to reduce energy consumption and reduce its corporate carbon footprint over time in all of their locations.

Reduction Strategies

The ‘Green Team’
John Brooks has created Green Teams at all four facilities (Mississauga, Edmonton, Montreal & Cambridge, ON). The Green Teams meet monthly to review electricity, heating and waste consumption over the month, as well as mileage travelled. They also organize and execute a number of campaigns which will help engage staff in sustainability and create an interest in the company’s corporate carbon footprint.

LED Lighting Retrofits
In early April John Brooks received a $11,000 rebate from the SaveONEnergy Program to update their Meadowpine facility with a full LED lighting installation. This has an estimated cost savings of $21,000 per year, and less than 2-year return on investment. John Brooks also has plans to update their offices with LED lighting and motion detectors in early 2020.

Plastic Reduction & Refilling Stations
John Brooks Company will be launching a new pilot program in partnership with Park Market & Refillery to educate employees about how they can lead less-wasteful and more sustainable lifestyles. The program includes a workshop where employees can learn about the benefits of using refilling stations to replace single use plastic / recyclable home and body products and will continue with a monthly pop-up in the office from Park Market & Refillery. This initiative demonstrates the strong commitment of John Brooks company to engage employees in reducing their carbon footprint across all aspects of life.

Other Reduction Initiatives
‘Turn It Off’ Campaign to encourage energy savings
Switching to 100% recycled paper for printing & office use
The implementation of a full recycling program

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