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Case study


Emission Reductions:

  • 58 tonnes CO2e annually

Cost Savings:

  • $39,400 annually


  • LED lights
  • closing hangar doors
  • reducing hot water temp.
  • low-flow toilets

InterDel Aviation Services Inc. is a fully licensed Signature Flight Support site located at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). In 2016, InterDel joined the Climate Smart program offered by the Vancouver Airport Authority to support the airport businesses in reducing their environmental impact.

InterDel developed a baseline greenhouse gas and potable water usage inventory and tracked the emissions associated with their energy use, fleet, equipment, business travel, and even paper use. As part of their Climate Smart certification, they developed a reduction plan addressing a wide range of emitting activities.

They have continued to upgrade lights in hangars and offices to LED. This has resulted in a 21% reduction in electricity usage, or enough energy saved to power over 2,600 LED light bulbs. This reduction is accompanied by annual savings of over $27,000.

The company has also targeted their largest emission source — natural gas heating. They have reduced the hot water temperature and requested the tenants to keep the hangar doors closed as much as possible. These two simple strategies have led to an impressive 25% reduction in natural gas use from 2015 to 2016, accompanied by annual savings of over $10,000. This reduction has been achieved despite the fact that 2016 was slightly colder than 2015 (as measured by heating degree days).

InterDel has also upgraded the bathrooms and replaced toilets with low flow models. This initiative has reduced potable water usage by 30% and has saved the company $2,400 annually on water bills. The water saved is enough to fill a water bottle nearly four million times!

“We were invited to participate in Climate Smart hosted by Vancouver International Airport, along with other businesses operating at the airport. The Climate Smart program helped us identify areas within our operations that could potentially reduce energy consumption and realize a cost savings at the same time. I look forward to working with Climate Smart in the future to ensure we continue to monitor our consumption and achieve positive changes to our usage and costs.” says Deanne Bernard, the Financial Controller at InderDel.

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