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Case study

Glacier Creek Contracting

Total GHG Inventory

  • 2009: 698 tonnes CO2e
  • 2010: 414 tonnes CO2e

GHG Reduction Highlights

  • Savings through waste diverted from landfill to recycling program

Measured Reductions

  • 226 tonnes CO2e from waste alone
  • $64,500 per year

Glacier Creek Contracting Ltd. is a leading contractor in Whistler, BC. serving the Sea-to-Sky corridor.

After completing their baseline inventory in late 2009, Glacier Creek performed a waste audit to assess waste streams from their construction sites and divert as much as possible from being sent to landfill. They worked with their waste hauling service providers to provide separate bins for sorting recyclable materials from unrecyclable garbage.

Through these efforts, they were able to reduce their waste sent to landfill by 35% and their emissions from landfilled waste by 226 tonnes CO2e. They were also able to reduce their waste hauling fees by more than $64,500 from their baseline year.

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