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Case study

Gate Gourmet Spotlights Big Savings

Emission Reductions:

  • 2.9 tonnes CO2e annually
  • Electricity Use Reduction: 231,000 kWh (enough to power over 20 BC homes)

Cost Savings:

  • $23,800
  • Project Payback: 9 months


  • LED lighting retrofit

Gate Gourmet is the largest provider of airline catering in Vancouver, supplying 75% of all airline meals that leave Vancouver International Airport (YVR). In 2015, Gate Gourmet took part in the Climate Smart program offered by YVR to support businesses located in the airport’s terminals and on Sea Island. Climate Smart’s expertise in greenhouse gas management and business engagement opened the door for collaboration between the airport authority and its tenant businesses to cultivate leadership on climate action and advance broader environmental goals.

Prior to Climate Smart, Gate Gourmet’s environmental focus had been primarily on waste reduction. They had purchased a digester to process their organics and implemented an extensive recycling program.

Through Climate Smart Andre Fernandes, the OPEX Manager at Gate Gourmet, was given the tools and resources to measure and track building energy use and identify where savings could be achieved. Climate Smart connected Andre with a lighting contractor, CEEG, who came in to do a lighting assessment at Gate Gourmet’s main kitchen and warehouse.

The contractor quickly saw an opportunity to replace the old halogen lights at the warehouse with LED fixtures. The total project cost was $51,000, with a BC Hydro Power Smart incentive of $32,000 bringing the cost down to just $19,000. The annual savings of $23.8K meant a quick nine month payback.

Inspired by the success of the project, Andre is now planning a significantly larger upgrade at the company’s main kitchen facility. He projects a 67% reduction in electricity use and a fast two year payback.

“In 2015 we were given the opportunity to participate in Climate Smart as part of a pilot supported by YVR, along with other businesses operating at the airport. The experience with Climate Smart helped us find savings and reduce energy in areas we hadn’t previously considered. Working with Climate Smart led us to shift our focus beyond waste and look closer at our electricity and natural gas use. Next, we will be looking at upgrading the lighting in our larger facility and scheduling an assessment to investigate our natural gas reduction opportunities.” says Andre.

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