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Case study

Fraserside Community Services Society

Total GHG Inventory

  • 2009: ~377 tonnes CO2e

GHG Reduction Highlights

  • New appliances and lighting
  • Limiting vehicle usage
  • Adopting paperless activities

Projected Annual Savings

  • $8,000+
  • 9.5 tonnes CO2e

Fraserside Community Services Society is an accredited non-profit multi-service organization providing quality services to individuals and families in New Westminster, Burnaby, Delta, Surrey and the Tri-Cities. They measured their baseline inventory for their 2009 fiscal year (April 2009 – March 2010). FCSS has approximately 20 years experience in housing. The agency currently manages 13 facilities in total; owns 7 facilities; is on title of 2 additional properties and manages an additional 4 properties owned by the government of British Columbia, or private landlords.

Fraserside is working to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as their costs, by instituting a number of new policies and reduction strategies. The society has drastically reduced their paper usage through only accepting online job applications, initiating online bill payments and electronic time stubs, as well as adopting electronic time sheets. In addition, Fraserside has instituted a 30% recycled content paper purchasing policy, which is actually less expensive than regular paper, resulting in $1000 in yearly savings.

Improvements in the efficiencies of the social housing managed by Fraserside, through the replacement of inefficient appliances, the installation of programmable thermostats, lighting retrofits, and home weatherization initiatives, reduced both emissions and costs from decreased gas and electricity consumption. In fact, the replacement of a conventional boiler with one that is 97% efficient at a single location resulted in over $7,500 in savings from reduced gas usage over a yearlong period. This dramatic improvement in efficiency has decreased the gas bill by over a quarter at this location. This translates into a reduction in emissions of around 9.5 tonnes CO2e, 6% of the emissions from the single location or 2.5% of Fraserside’s total baseline emissions inventory.

Fraserside employees are working on reducing emissions through limiting vehicle usage in commuting and between meetings through better trip planning. Fewer trips to the social housing buildings are necessary due to the newly installed high efficiency, low maintenance, appliances, saving both emissions and maintenance costs. As of January 2010, Fraserside has also created a Green Committee, with 13 members representing all levels of the company from directors to frontline staff. This committee is working on further developing the society’s green policy, and designing a green suggestion box. The committee will persist in developing ideas to further reduce both costs and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as continue to implement emissions reduction strategies in Fraserside’s activities.

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