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Case study

Edmonton Convention Centre has big plans

The Edmonton Convention Centre is an iconic part of the City of Edmonton skyline. It is a meeting, entertainment, and convention venue with a mandate to generate economic and social benefits for the Edmonton region. Since its opening in 1983, the Edmonton Convention Centre has been used for corporate functions, banquets, conventions, and entertainment events.

The Edmonton Convention Centre began working with Climate Smart in 2018 to measure and manage their GHG footprint. Since then, the Edmonton Convention Centre has taken drastic steps to reduce its emissions and leverage their impact. The Edmonton Convention centre has refined its sustainability policy to be centred on the organization’s central values of public stewardship, selfless approach, lead the way, making an impact, and caring for one another. Recently, the Edmonton Convention Centre published its ambitious Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan with a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 15% by 2025 and 30% by 2035 (from 2018 levels), and a goal to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Highlights of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan include:

Energy-Saving Strategies:

The Edmonton Convention Centre aims to reduce emissions generated from energy by implementing a number of behavioural change initiatives. This includes a ‘lights out’ campaign, standby settings on all lighting systems, an efficient escalator policy, and power savings measures for all office and non-office based equipment. This year, the City of Edmonton announced a 10.3 million dollar atrium revitalization project that will see the largest building-integrated photovoltaic array installed on the venue’s atrium roof. In as early as 2020, the Edmonton Convention Centre will begin producing its own clean energy, with an estimated 227,000kwh of solar energy produced annually on site. This will reduce the amount of energy equivalent to powering over 28 homes for a year, and removes the same amount of carbon as planting over 2,500 tree seedlings over ten years.

Heat-Saving Strategies:

The Edmonton Convention Centre has tackled heat loss in a variety of creative ways. These include developing policies around door use in loading bays and ongoing monitoring of the HVAC and lighting systems, working to engage staff in the enforcement and maintenance of a sustainable corporate culture. The Edmonton Convention Centre has also undergone installation of faucet aerators and insulated piping and replaced all double-pane glass windows, resulting in a significant increase in heat efficiency. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan also highlights further plans to install high-efficiency hot water tanks.

Other highlights:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Idle-reduction signage in parking lots


The creation of a Sustainability Committee that helps gather and implement ideas from employees on how to be more sustainable. Training manuals and job descriptions are also being revised to include a portion of sustainability and GHG reduction initiatives.

The Edmonton Convention Centre is a leading example of how sustainability can be integrated into a business in a number of innovative ways. The Edmonton Convention centre mentioned further plans beyond the ones outlined in its report to include energy-efficient measures such as lighting retrofits, mechanical upgrades and electricity generation supplementation through alternative measures.

The Edmonton Convention Centre participated in Climate Smart as a part of the Corporate Climate Leaders Program (CCLP) with the City of Edmonton. The Corporate Climate Leaders program is an initiative led by the City of Edmonton to encourage and empower Edmonton corporations to achieve greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets.

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