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Case study

Collingwood Neighbourhood House

Key Initiatives:

  • lighting retrofit, parkade de-lamping, boiler retrofit

Annual Emission Reduction:

  • 28.5 tonnes CO2e

Annual Cost Savings:

  • $17,300+

Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) has been promoting the wellbeing of the Collingwood community since 1985. The Collingwood community consists of 50,000 people and is one of the most diverse in the province. The Neighbourhood House operates out of nine locations, the primary site being a 26,900 square foot facility on the border between Vancouver and Burnaby.

Collingwood measured their baseline GHG inventory for the 2011 fiscal year and immediately took steps to reduce emissions by establishing a green team and conducting a heat and electricity efficiency audit. Over the years of working with Climate Smart, CNH implemented a range of initiatives that led to significant reductions in their footprint and associated costs.

In 2013, they completed a comprehensive lighting retrofit of the main facility. An assessment found that the lighting needs of the parkade could be met by de-lamping approximately half of the area. This delivered an immediate electricity savings of 50% within the parkade, without any capital cost.

Following these changes, Collingwood initiated a $36,000 lighting retrofit to the rest of its main facility. With a $10,000 rebate from BC Hydro Power Smart, Collingwood was able to replace existing 32W T-8 lamps with 28W T-8 lamps, without sacrificing light levels. In addition, Collingwood switched incandescent and halogen lamps in ceiling and wall sconces to LED lamps. They installed occupancy sensors in washrooms throughout the building and installed LED lights in place of compact fluorescents in the building’s exit signs. These retrofits, combined with energy conservation awareness campaigns targeting employees and facility users, resulted in overall electricity savings at Collingwood of 26% and annual savings of over $13,000.

CNH also worked to reduce their natural gas use, conducting an assessment and receiving Fortis BC incentives to complete a boiler retrofit in 2013. In addition, they set the thermostat to turn off at 10pm each day, and made sure the air filters were being replaced every 3 months. CNH is now saving $4,300 annually on natural gas bills.
Going beyond electricity and heat, CNH switched to electronic invoicing and paystubs, reducing paper emissions by a whopping 44%. The CNH team sends green e-newsletters regularly to educate and remind the staff of the current initiatives. They also participate in the Bike to Work week to promote active commuting options among the staff. This year, CNH is planning to make Compass cards available at the reception so that staff can take transit instead of driving to other locations and business meetings.

“At Collingwood Neighbourhood House we believe we’re doing our part by reducing our carbon footprint. Get involved and do your part.” – say Collingwood staff.

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