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Case study

Clark Wilson

Total GHG Inventory

  • 2007: 545 tonnes CO2e

GHG Reduction Highlights

  • Employee engagement through “Office Supply Amnesty Day”

Projected Savings

  • $5,000-6,000 from reduced supply orders and paper use

Clark Wilson LLP, a Vancouver, British Columbia based law firm, is focused on reducing its GHG emissions by implementing systems and programs aimed at cutting back on paper use, switching to post-consumer recycled paper stock, giving preference to reusable, recyclable and biodegradable products in its purchasing and making concerted efforts to reduce new office supply purchases by periodically “liberating” office supplies from desks and offices and recirculating them.

In just five months, Clark Wilson saved between $2,000 and $3,000 in reduced office supply orders and a similar amount in reduced paper use. Employees get involved and contribute new ideas to help the firm continue to reduce its carbon footprint through the firm’s internal website and the members of the firm’s own “Green Team”. Future efforts will include teaming up with suppliers to incorporate more “green” products and delivery methods.

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