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Case study

Host Partner: City of Vancouver

Vancouver City Hall

The City of Vancouver has an ambitious goal, to be the greenest city in the world by 2020. To become climate leaders, the City has set many targets including the reduction of community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 33% by 2020 from 1990 levels. In 2010, the City of Vancouver partnered with Climate Smart as part of their Greenest City Action Plan, recognizing that engaging small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is an important step in achieving these reductions.

The Climate Smart program offered a turnkey system for engaging the City’s small business community in greenhouse gas management. To date, the City has sponsored more than 150 businesses to participate in the Climate Smart program, measure their emissions, and develop reduction strategies. This group of Vancouver-based businesses now has over 116,000 tonnes of CO2e under management and is bringing Vancouver closer to its goal of Climate Leadership.

The Climate Smart training program is instrumental in helping Vancouver SMEs gain the expertise they need to measure, manage and reduce their GHGs. Businesses are leaving the program empowered and motivated to reduce their emissions. The quality of the workshops and the delivery are excellent and the enthusiasm of the participating businesses is truly inspiring. Business leaders who have moved to the next level, setting GHG reduction targets and reporting on their progress have been designated by the City as “Corporate Climate Leaders”. This businesses communuity leadership will be instrumental in the recognition of Vancouver as a green capital.

Amanda Pitre-Hayes
Director, Sustainability Group
City of Vancouver

The City of Vancouver also used Climate Smart as a launching pad for its own Corporate Climate Leaders (CCL) program. This program is profiling participant businesses as models for the wider business community and showcasing the success stories of local businesses that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions while improving operations and saving money. You can read more about the Corporate Climate Leaders program at

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