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Case study

Christine Catering Company

Key Initiatives

  • compostable foodware
  • regular equipment & vehicle maintenance
  • route optimization

Key Outcomes

  • energy & fuel savings
  • improved employee morale

Christine Catering Company has been providing traditional dishes as well as new innovative food creations to a wide variety of clients from their Port Moody facility for the past 11 years. The Christine Catering team pride themselves in having an uncompromising eye for detail along with dedicated customer service. They ensure that all details for functions and orders, big and small, are met with the care and attention needed to have a successful and pleasant experience.

Christine Catering measured their emissions with Climate Smart in 2011, and have since implemented a wide array of initiatives to reduce their footprint. They switched all their disposable dishes to compostable and biodegradable options. They also scheduled maintenance on their equipment such as fridge and freezer for every three months, reducing their energy bill.

The company pays close attention to maintaining its vehicles, thereby minimizing their fuel use. Another way Christine Catering has tackled their transportation emissions is through improved route planning: they align their delivery to minimize trips back and forward to their facility.

Christine Catering takes environmental responsibility seriously in the office as well as in the kitchen. Ninety-nine-percent of their office paper is made with post-consumer recycled content, and they work to divert as much waste as possible from their office operations. There are recycling bins in the staff lunchrooms, at every printer, and under each office employee’s desk. They use lighter weight paper and always print double-sided. They encourage recycling of everything including the cling wrap from staff lunches, and ensure that their paper towels are made with 100% post-consumer recycled content.

In addition to cost savings and marketing benefits from their environmental initiatives, the company reports improved staff morale. “Christine Catering Company strives to continually become more aware of, and sensitive to, the environmental impact of our business practices. We evaluate our processes and continually implement new strategies to improve efficiencies and minimize our ecological footprint. We are all very conscious of what we do and proud of the changes we have made,” says Christine, the company chef and owner.

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