Case Study

Bench Brewing Looks to the Future as They Reach Carbon Neutrality

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The Big Picture

Climate Smart Service
Climate Smart Certification, 2019 — 2020
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
Beamsville, ON, Canada
Actions Implemented
  • Use fruit and wine grapes from surrounding farms and wineries in brewing 
  • Reuse wastewater and effluent to irrigate hop fields 
  • Send waste cooked grains to local farmers for animal feed 
  • Reduce instances of refrigerant leaks and heating emissions through regular maintenance 
  • Account for third party shipping, refrigeration storage, and packaging/plastic wrap sent to customers 

Impacts Achieved

683 Tonnes

of Scope 1 CO2e reduced

52 Tonnes

of Scope 3 CO2e reduced


Total heat reduction


overall reduction in emissions between 2019 and 2020 

*Since 2019
“Carbon neutral is an extremely exciting achievement, particularly for a brewery, and one of our size. We want to pave the way for others in the brewing industry, so we can work to becoming greener as a whole.”
Matt Giffen Founder