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Case study

Arpac Storage Systems

Arpac Manufacturing Floor

Total GHG Inventory

  • 2010: 2,046 tonnes CO2e

GHG Reduction Highlights

  • New paint formulation

Projected Reductions

  • $49,000 in natural gas savings
  • ≤2 year return

Arpac Storage Systems is the largest manufacturer of pallet racking in western Canada. The final stage in manufacturing is baking the enamel paint onto the product utilizing a bake oven process at 350° F. The natural gas energy cost required to power the oven annually are in excess of $100,000.

Arpac is currently experimenting with a new paint formula that requires ~180° F, equivalent to an annual reduction in energy demand of 49%. The new paint formulation requires a catalyzing agent to be added into the paint stream by a specialized mixer. Initial capital cost expenditure for equipment is approximately $25,000. Including higher paint and labour costs, Arpac expects to see a return on their investment within 1.5 – 2 years.

Arpac is scheduled to undertake the new formulation testing in early 2011, with final statistical cost analysis and emissions reductions data completed shortly thereafter.

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