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Case study

Aero Mag Reduces its Carbon Footprint at YVR

GHG Impact:

  • 29% reduction from baseline in fuel GHG emissions intensity (fuel emissions/aircraft de-iced)


  • Anti-idling policy with time limit
  • Staff engagement

Aero Mag Vancouver plays a key role in maintaining safety, efficiency, and organization at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) as the sole provider for aircraft de-icing services. Aero Mag Vancouver joined Climate Smart in 2019 as a part of Project Green YVR, an initiative that helps Sea Island businesses reduce their waste, water and energy consumption to limit their impact on the environment and save money.

By participating in the Climate Smart training sessions, and working with a client advisor to build out a GHG inventory, staff at Aero Mag Vancouver were able to gain insight into their operational footprint and identify opportunities for reductions. With a fleet of 26 de-icing vehicles and 10 transport vans for staff, Aero Mag quickly identified reduction savings opportunities associated with upgrades, behavioural changes, and new policies surrounding fleet management.

Reduction plans include:

Anti-Idling Policy:

Aero Mag implemented a new anti-idling policy for all de-icing trucks to discourage unnecessary consumption of gas. This resulted in GHG reductions as well as impressive cost savings. The de-icing fleet requires that the fluid be warmed up prior to use, so many staff would leave the vehicles running for 1-2 hours prior to operations. Aero Mag provided education and training to staff to let them know that the de-icing fluid in the trucks only needed around 15 minutes to warm up, significantly reducing the amount of time the 26 fleet vehicles were left idling.

Crew vehicle upgrades:

Aero Mag currently has 10 vehicles to transport staff around the terminal and ramp, and slowly, the company has begun upgrading its fleet making switches to more fuel-efficient vehicles. The company switched several of their pickup trucks to more fuel-efficient vans and cars, and has plans to purchase hybrid or electric vehicles in the future.

Sustainability as a culture:

Supervisors and managers have worked to bring sustainability to the front of minds for all employees. By bringing up sustainability initiatives at meetings and communicating the purpose behind the anti-idling policy, Aero Mag was able to engage staff and integrate sustainability into a key identity of the overall company.

Beyond these measures, in 2018 Aero Mag moved locations on Sea Island, allowing them to perform a complete upgrade of their office space and garage. The office is now completely retrofitted with LED lighting instead of fluorescent lights. The storage garage has also seen an LED lighting upgrade and now uses 5-minute sensors on lights.

New more fuel efficient crew vehicle

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