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A Visit from Prime Minister Trudeau + New Climate Partnerships Brief

Posted by Gen Tardif on

At Globe 2016, we hosted an impromptu visit with Prime Minister Trudeau, and launched our newest industry brief, New Climate Partnerships, Accelerating Climate Action Through Business Engagement.

This Industry Brief shares data-rich stories about how local governments, financial institutions and transportation hubs are reaching beyond their operational and supply chain carbon emissions and investing in their tenants and clients to help them reduce costs and carbon.

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How to cut costs while cutting carbon

Posted by Gen Tardif on

BC Business – Nov 25-15
Later this week, the Province of British Columbia is expected to unveil its much-anticipated Climate Leadership Plan. We don’t know what it includes, but hopes run high that it will outline a slate of ambitious new commitments to ensure our economy remains competitive as we roll into a carbon-constrained future. This would involve, at minimum, a schedule of further increases to our carbon tax—a policy that has cut emissions and grown business while unlocking one of the nation’s lowest corporate income tax rates.

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En Route to Paris: From the Ground Up – How Small Businesses are Cutting Carbon and Growing the Economy

Posted by Gen Tardif on

By Elizabeth Sheehan and Michelle Bonner

It’s official. Pretty much everyone and her sister is going to Paris.

Provincial leaders are already working to upstage one another at the forthcoming COP21 climate summit. Senior executives will be talking up their renewable energy leadership. Expect rock stars, rap stars, and a full-on media circus.

But one band of climate warriors will likely be staying at home here in Canada: the entrepreneurs who run small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across the country. Instead, they’ll just keep on doing what they have learned to do—drive down carbon emissions across the value chain.

Here in British Columbia, where I live, these businesses constitute a stunning 98 percent of the province’s private sector, and employ more than one million people. The sector largely flies under the radar, but it’s arguably Canada’s true innovation engine. These companies are driven by passionate, committed entrepreneurs who know how to get things done and make things better.

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