We’ve always aspired to be a little bit radical—you know, first-to-market, forward-thinking, data-driven, award-winning. Now, we are officially Radicle.

On October 1, Climate Smart was acquired by Radicle, an organization that guides progressive companies towards tomorrow’s sustainable future. For us and for the organizations that have trusted us for the past decade to advise on action-packed carbon emissions plans that make good business sense, joining Radicle means:

Expanded access to our services

More companies in new sectors and markets in North America and across the world will have access to our exclusive tools and carbon reduction expertise. That means an incredible opportunity to create more positive impact with more Climate Smart Certified businesses. And we like it. 

Increased expertise

In addition to our expertise in data and training for businesses looking to profitably reduce their carbon footprint, we now have impressive chops in carbon life cycle assessment (LCA) and methane management and software. This means a more robust carbon cutting and cost cutting opportunity for the businesses we work with.

More people affecting big change

Like the Climate Smart team already, the Radicle team is, well, radically committed to carbon reduction. More passionate, driven, intelligent people leading the charge and guiding small and medium-sized businesses to impressive reductions in emissions.

Climate Smart’s ambition has always been to help small and medium-sized businesses profitably reduce their carbon emissions. We also believe that every business can be a sustainable business and that every industry has room for a climate change leader to blaze a trail forward. Now, as a Radicle Company, these goals are evermore achievable. The possibility of exponential positive impact thrills us!

Learn more about how we are evolving to help businesses lead and innovate sustainably on our new website.

Check out the full press release from Radicle here.
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Read my letter to our clients and partners

On behalf of the Climate Smart Team, I have exciting news to share. 

Before I do, I would like to take a moment for appreciation. The idea of Climate Smart started with an inquisitive aspiration—how might we harness the entrepreneurial spirit of Canada’s small and medium-sized businesses to accelerate our transition to a clean economy. The execution of that vision was grounded in the nitty gritty of designing and delivering robust peer-to-peer small group training, novel software tools, and affordable yet still tailored client advisory support—and lots of new data. 

Twelve years later, we are tracking over 1,000 businesses trained, an average 24% emissions reduction against baseline, and over $4.7 million saved annually amongst Climate Smart businesses. Plus, projects underway that will cut another 1 million tonnes. 

At every step of the way it was made possible by a strong community and an insanely talented group of 30 teammates who employed their superpowers over the years. From the incubation and launch at Ecotrust Canada, to investors (Vancity, Working Enterprises, The McConnell Foundation, Renewal Partners) and our many committed host partners (like Vancouver Airport Authority, cities across Canada and leading financial institutions). 
Today the case for building stronger, more resilient businesses for the future that are driven by people who understand their carbon impact and opportunities is more urgent. And to step up and meet this, we are thrilled to join the Radicle Group of Companies.  

I am thrilled to announce that on October 1, Climate Smart joined the Radicle team with one intention: to expand and grow our reach and ability to provide businesses across the world with the opportunity to measure, reduce and drive down emissions in their operations, products and supply chains.


Elizabeth Sheehan
Founder and CEO
Climate Smart Businesses Inc.