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Partners & Solutions Providers

Delivery Partners


  • FortisBC
    FortisBC is one of the two primary energy utilities serving British Columbians. It is FortisBC’s business to make it easier to make energy-efficient choices for your business. FortisBC’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation programs for commercial customers are designed to do just this. Whether your business is small, medium or large, these offers help you save energy and money.
  • Wisent
    Wisent Environmental, based in Vancouver, works with business to help redefine their facilities and operations practices for the way they purchase, manage, use and dispose of their supplies & materials. Through its Closed Loop Environmental and Recovery Programs the Wisent team offers sustainable procurement, environmental product supply and services, waste stream management, water & energy conservation, and quantitative environmental marketing. Wisent Environmental delivers the Climate Smart program on-site with individual clients.

Solutions Providers

Climate Smart works closely with a growing network of vetted local businesses that provide innovative solutions – products and services – that facilitate the reduction of emissions. This network comprises what Climate Smart has termed “Solutions Providers”.

By linking up Solutions Providers to business participants, Climate Smart is able to provide critical support to businesses looking for practical and innovative solutions that lead to concrete emission reductions, while also supporting the growing green economy and the climate action targets of partner organizations.

  • Bullfrog Power

  • Bullfrog Power provides renewable energy certificates for electricity and natural gas to further reduce the impact of businesses’ energy consumption.


  • Energent

  • Energent provides provides real-time energy monitoring, in-depth energy analytics and support to help businesses take a deeper dive into reducing utility costs and their associated emissions.
  • LotusPRO

  • LotusPRO provides an aqueous ozone-based cleaning system that eliminates the need for hot water (and the GHG emissions and costs associated with heating water) and harmful chemicals.
  • Neutron Factory Works

  • Neutron Factory Works provides on-site industrial services to help businesses meet their GHG reduction initiatives, including finding refrigerant leaks, installing air curtains and heat exchangers, upgrading lighting and other improvements.
  • Routific

  • Routific provides a solution to automate and optimize routing and scheduling operations, increasing the efficiency of fleets. Routific makes route optimization accessible for SMEs, as well as large enterprises who don’t want to commit a lot of capital to consultants.