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Climate Smart’s practical, solutions-based program is now available through a well-designed online offering

All across Canada businesses continue to lead on climate action and are finding innovative ways to build towards the future we all aspire to.

With a newly designed online training option, Climate Smart is able to help businesses continue their important work on climate and support the transition to a cleaner and more resilient low carbon future.

Generous discounts and financial support is available — up to 50% — from HSBC Bank, City of North Vancouver, City of Edmonton, Port of Vancouver and Vancity Credit Union.

Join virtually through Climate Smart’s remote trainings: kicking-off on May 12th and June 23rd. More details here:

For over a decade, Climate Smart has helped hundreds of businesses, across all sizes and sectors, to profitably reduce emissions and cut costs on energy, fuel and waste. The program focuses on the business case for carbon reductions — cost savings, reduced climate risk, improved operational efficiencies, employee engagement, and benchmarking data — adding up to increased competitive advantage.

To get started and learn more, see and contact Alex Woudzia at: or 1-888-688-6283 x235.

“Calculating our carbon footprint forced us to look at ways of streamlining our operations, cost cutting in areas we previously did not even target and putting systems in place to help us monitor what effect these changes will have on our bottom line in the future. It is clear that we cannot reduce until we know our starting point.” Head of Operations, Tinhorn Creek Winery

“Ever since becoming a father, I have looked differently at ways in which I can influence future generations and become a more sustainable human. The Climate Smart Program gives companies a fantastic opportunity to take those personal passions and apply this within a working operation. Everyone has a responsibility for the future of our planet, and this program is a step in the right direction for future generations.” Manager, Dexterra

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