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Turning data into opportunity: The New Brunswick Business Energy and Emissions Profile

Climate Smart is pleased to announce its second provincial Business Energy and Emissions Profile (BEEP), for New Brunswick. Providing the first-ever insight into emissions from small and medium-sized enterprises in the province, this analysis not only highlights the main sectors, activities and regions in New Brunswick which are sources of SME emissions but also points the way for SMEs to profitably achieve reductions. 

A BEEP is an analysis of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced and energy consumed by small and medium-sized businesses in a community, as well as examples of how businesses have profitably achieved emission reductions. These data-driven visualization tools highlight the opportunities for business engagement and emissions reductions and enable quicker insights and action in the transition to a clean innovation economy. 

For the official Government of Canada press release, please click here.

Explore the New Brunswick BEEP here.

For the first time, New Brunswick SMEs, business associations and local governments can discover that:

  • Emissions from SMEs in the province total an estimated 1.54 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually, equal to 10% of total emissions for New Brunswick, or 14% of the province’s 2030 emissions target.
  • Electricity use is the leading source of emissions from SMEs.
  • The construction, retail and accommodation and food services sectors account for the majority of emissions from SMEs in New Brunswick. 
  • Small and medium-sized businesses, which make up over 99% of businesses in New Brunswick, have the potential to reduce 334,000 tonnes CO2e (equivalent to the annual energy use of 40,000 homes), all while saving money.

Watch a recording of a webinar explaining the BEEP

What BEEP users are saying:

The BEEP model is a great tool to see the business case for SMEs here in New Brunswick. It has the ability to break out data by sector and by region, which is nice to better understand the potential impacts. It is very powerful and educational, and a great tool to ground our program.

Charles Thibodeau, Program Coordinator, New Brunswick Environmental Network

Having access to BEEP data gives our network a deeper understanding of SME-driven greenhouse gas emissions across various regions — pinpointing emissions’ hot spots in specific sectors and geographies.  This information is a major asset in helping our Green Economy Hubs reach business segments and community areas that have the greatest opportunity for GHG reduction impact.

Priyanka Lloyd, Executive Director, Green Economy Canada

The Mississauga Board of Trade, with support from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, partnered with Climate Smart to bring its turnkey programming to our members and its BEEP data to our City. The positive feedback we have received on Climate Smart, across the board, from all participating companies, is outstanding. Through Climate Smart we are providing our business members with value-added tools and critical skills to stay competitive, reduce energy costs and contribute towards our City’s goals on climate. And the BEEP data has enabled our Board of Trade to share first-of-its-kind insights on the role of businesses in climate action to our partners at the City. As a leading-edge Board of Trade, we look forward to continuing to scale up our work with Climate Smart and bringing its solutions-based approach to more businesses in our region.

David Wojcik, President & CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade

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