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Climate Smart program adds up for accountants

We were featured in the July issue of Outlook Magazine, published by CGA-BC! The article also links to a booklet written specifically for BC accountants on the case for carbon accounting. This booklet will soon be sent electronically to every CGA in the province. Here’s an excerpt from the article.

“Accountants are the perfect partner in this program because they live by the adage, ‘What gets measured, gets managed.’” So says Elizabeth Sheehan, the co-founder of Climate Smart, a social enterprise launched in 2009 to provide small and mid-sized B.C. businesses with the tools for profitably reducing their greenhouse gas emissions while improving their bottom line.

What exactly does that mean? “It’s helping businesses reduce energy, transportation and waste-related costs associated with their business operations,” says the passionate Sheehan, as she takes time out from a busy day training corporate leaders in Climate Smart principles.

Click here for a PDF copy of Outlook Magazine (we’re on page 32).
Click here for a PDF copy of Carbon Accounting: Seeing the Opportunity, published especially for CGAs.

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