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Welcome to our new site!

It’s Friday evening here in Vancouver as we flip the switch on our new website. We’re proud of the hard work we’ve put in on it, and we hope you like it as much as we do! Look around and explore the new content! There are lots of new case studies, including two fabulous new videos about Boardroom Eco Apparel and Frogbox and more videos coming soon! There’s a new blog where we’ll be talking about carbon footprinting, greenhouse gas management, climate change, green business, and other topics we think you’ll find interesting. If you’re new to Climate Smart, there are great new explanations of What We Do and How It Works. There’s also an updated FAQ and glossary, so the next time you hear someone mention sulfur hexafluoride in casual conversation, we’ve got you covered.

There may still be a few blips and bugs still roaming about our fresh pages… if you see one, please do let us know if you have a moment. We’d also love to hear what you think! Got an idea for a blog post you’d like to see? Something you’d like included on the FAQ? Just want to ask us what we had for lunch? You can reach us at

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